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UPSC Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner APFC Answers- 2016

Acid rain isdue to
Sulphur Dioxide Pollution
DNA fingerprinting is a technique used for the detection of
Disputed Parentage
SPAM in a system (e-mail) is
A message distributed indiscriminately
The famous 'Giri' approach in Industrial Relation in India espouses the cause of
Chronological sequence of events
First Battle of Panipath French Revolution World War First Vietnam War First Gulf War
A branch of scholarship that flourished in Europe, particularly from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries, and was devoted to the appreciation, chronicling and classification of historic and non-organic relics, monuments and old texts refer to
What is the number of the states and union territories in India
29 States & 7 UTs
Which of the following is not true of the Western Ghats
ONGC surveys have recently found huge oil reserves
Ayodhya is located at the bank of which river?
The Khilafat Committee accepted Mahatma Gandhi's suggestions for a non violent non cooperation protest against the Government in its meeting at

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