7th Feb GATE Question Paper with Solution/Key: Electrical

Q.11 A resistance and a coil are connected in series and supplied from a single phase, 100 V, 50 Hz ac source as shown in the figure below. The rms values of plausible voltages across the resistance (VR) and coil (VC) respectively, in volts, are
(A) 65, 35
(B) 50, 50
(C) 60, 90
(D) 60, 80
Answer: (D) 60, 80

Q.12 The voltage (V) and current (A) across a load are as follows.
The average power consumed by the load, in W, is___________.
Answer: 250

Q.13 A power system with two generators is shown in the figure below. The system (generators, buses and transmission lines) is protected by six over-current relays R1 to R6. Assuming a mix of directional and non-directional relays at appropriate locations, the remote backup relays for R4 are
(A) R1, R2
(B) R2, R6
(C) R2, R5
(D) R1, R6
Answer: (D) R1, R6

Q.14 A power system has 100 buses including 10 generator buses. For the load flow analysis using Newton-Raphson method in polar coordinates, the size of the Jacobian is
(A) 189 x 189
(B) 100 x 100
(C) 90 x 90
(D) 180 x 180
Answer: (A) 189 x 189
Q.15 The inductance and capacitance of a 400 kV, three-phase, 50 Hz lossless transmission line are 1.6 mH/km/phase and 10 nF/km/phase respectively. The sending end voltage is maintained at 400 kV. To maintain a voltage of 400 kV at the receiving end, when the line is delivering 300 MW load, the shunt compensation required is
(A) capacitive
(B) inductive
(C) resistive
(D) zero
Answer: (D) zero

Please report if you find any errors in the questions. 

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