CBSE CTET Answer Key Feb 2016


Social Studies / Social Science
Directions:  Answer the following questions by selecting the correct/most appropriate options.
1.  Why is the study of Social Science ‘scientific’?
(a) It comprises systematically acquired verified knowledge.
(b) It helps its reader to study the scientific society.
(c) It uses scientific terms in its content.
(d) It fulfills the demand for calling Social Studies as science.

2.You have to depict the proportion of time a rural worker spends as employed, underemployed and unemployed in a year. Which one of the following diagrammatic representations would you select?
(a) Bar diagram
(b) Pie diagram
(c) Time-line diagram
(d) Flow diagram

3. Select the most appropriate reason for assessing students through art in Social Science subjects.
(a) It is a means to enjoy different styles of expression depicted in the textbook.
(b) It improve students’ artistic ability.
(c) It makes it an enjoyable way of evaluation.
(d) It provides an opportunity for personal interpretation of concepts.

4.Which one of the following projects on ‘global warming’ is based on secondary sources?
(a) A collage of pictures on global warming
(b) Interviews with elders living in an area on changes in weather
(c) A graphical representation of unanalyzed weather data collected from meteorological office
(d) A discussion based on the weather changes mentioned in a book
5. A teacher provides some criteria to students and asks them to assess their projects on those bases. Which one of the following assessment measures has been adopted by the teacher?
(a) Formative assessment
(b) Peer assessment
(c) Self-assessment
(d) Summative assessment

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