CTET Answer Key Feb 2016 Exam (All Sets).pdf

6.What is the nomenclature change suggested by the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 2005 for Civics?
(a) Geography
(b) History
(c) Social and Political Life
(d) Economics
7. Which value will you emphasize the least in the upper primary Social Science class room form among the following?
(a) Cooperation
(b) Competitiveness
(c) Scientific approach
(d) Equality

8.What is the purpose of summative assessment of students?
(a) Assessing at the end of the term
(b) Assessing during the class
(c) Assessing a project
(d) Assessing at the end of a lesson
9.Suppose a teacher has to teach the chapter, ‘The Cold Desert-Ladakh’ in Class VII. Which one of the following methods would be most appropriate?
(a) Workshop method
(b) Survey method
(c) Case study method
(d) Regional method

10.Which one of the following methods is most relevant for the teaching of historical facts/ historiography at the upper primary level?
(a) Map method
(b) Project method
(c) Problem-solving method
(d) Source method

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