Gate 2016 EE Solution/Answer Key

Q.51 Three single-phase transformers are connected to form a delta-star three-phase transformer of 110 kV/ 11 kV. The transformer supplies at 11 kV a load of 8 MW at 0.8 p.f. lagging to a nearby plant. Neglect the transformer losses. The ratio of phase currents in delta side to star side is
A) 1 : 10√3
(B) 10√3 : 1
(C) 1 : 10
(D) √3 : 10
Answer: (C) 1 : 10

Q.52 The gain at the breakaway point of the root locus of a unity feedback system with open loop transfer function

(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 5
(D) 9
Answer: (A) 1

Q.53 Two identical unloaded generators are connected in parallel as shown in the figure. Both the generators are having positive, negative and zero sequence impedances of j0.4 p.u., j0.3 p.u. and j0.15 p.u., respectively. If the pre-fault voltage is 1 p.u., for a line-to-ground (L-G) fault at the terminals of the generators, the fault current, in p.u., is ___________.
Answer: 2

Q.54 An energy meter, having meter constant of 1200 revolutions/kWh, makes 20 revolutions in 30 seconds for a constant load. The load, in kW, is _____________.
Answer: 2

Q.55 A rotating conductor of 1 m length is placed in a radially outward (about the z-axis) magnetic flux density (B) of 1 Tesla as shown in figure below. Conductor is parallel to and at 1 m distance from the z-axis. The speed of the conductor in r.p.m. required to induce a voltage of 1 V across it, should be __________.

Answer: 1
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