SSC JE Electrical Answer Key-2015/2016

An arc blow is a welding defect that is countered with the help of carrying
The arc welding using DC supply
The electric drives posses the following drawback
Requires a continuous power supply
An amplifier has a gain of 10,000 expressed in decibels the gain is
Silicon has a preference in 1C technology because
Of the availability of nature oxide sio
To operate properly, a transistor's base-emitter junction must be forward biased with reverse bias applied to which junction ?
With the positive probe on an NPN base, an ohmmeter reading between the other transistor terminals should be
Low resistance
In Bipolar Junction transistors, the type of configuration which will give both voltage gain and current gain is

To prepare a P type semiconducting material the impurities lo be added to silicon are
Arsenic, Antimony
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Answers/Solution of remaining questions are under evaluation and the same will be published here soon.
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