SSC Junior Engineer Exam 20145/2016 Technical Section Answer Key

Electrical resistivity p is
High for copper and low for alloy
For the circuit shown, the Norton’s equivalent current source at terminals A & B is given by
100 A
If the number of turns of a coil is increased, its inductance
is increased
The unit for permeability is
The internal resistance of a voltage source is 10 Ω and has 10 at its terminals. Find the maximum that can be transferred to the load
2.5 W
The voltage across the 1 K Ω resistor of the network shown in the given figure is
2 V
Mutual inductance between two coils is 4 H. If current in one coil changes at the rate of 2 A/sec, Then emf induced in the other coil is
8 V
The e.m.f. indced in a coil of N turns is given by
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