SSC Stenographer Answer Key 31 Jan 2016

16. Bernoulli’s theorem is a statement of the conservation of
(a) Mass
(b) Energy
(c) Linear momentum
(d) Pressure
17. When the velocity of a body is doubled
(a) its K.E. is doubled
(b) its P.E. doubled
(c) its momentum is doubled
(d) its acceleration is doubled
18.  A bag is dropped from an aeroplane flying horizontally at a constant speed. Neglecting air resistance, where will  the aeroplane be when the bag reaches the ground?
(a) Directly above the bag
(b) Ahead of the bag
(c) Behind the bag
(d) Data is not sufficient.
19.  Which of the following units used to measure the speed of a computer?
(a) SYPS
(b) MIPS
(c) BAUD
(d) Byte
20. DHCP is mainly to
(a) Provide IP address automatically to the devices
(b) Routing
(c) Converting IP address to domain
(d) Multicasting

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