SSC Stenographer Grade C & D Answer Key 31 Jan 2016

6.   The island of Honshu in Japan is famous for
(a) Coal
(b) Iron ore
(c) Oil
(d) Diamonds
7.    ‘Intervening opportunities model’ was proposed by
(a) E.S. Lee
(b) S.A. Stouffer
(c) Revenstein
(d) Davis
8.   40° N latitude acts as demarcation line between
(a) North and South Vietnam
(b) Egypt and Sudan
(c) Noth and South Korea
(d) USA and Canada
9.   August Weismann proposed
(a) Natural selection theory
(b) Inheritance of acquired character
(c) Modern synthetic theory
(d) Germplasm theory
10. Which blood vessels carry pure blood from the lungs to the heart?
(a) Pulmonary arteries
(b) Pulmonary veins
(c) Cardiac artery
(d) Cardiac vein

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