SSC Stenographer Grade C & D Answer Key 31 Jan 2016

11.Lakes which contain high concentration of humic acid in water is
(a) Dystrophic lakes
(b) Deep ancient lakes
(c) Desert salt lakes
(d) Volcanic lakes
12. Kala-azar is transmitted by ____.
(a) Sand fly
(b) Tsetse fly
(c) Black flied
(d) Mites
13. Which of the following breeds of chicken belongs to Mediterranian close?
(a) Brahma
(b) Sussex
(c) Leghorn
(d) Sustra lorp
14.  Fibrinogen is converted into fibrin by
(a) thrombin
(b) prothrombin
(c) thrombokinase
(d) thromboplastin
15.  Among the following quantities which one has dimensions different from the remaining three?
(a) Energy per unit volume
(b) Force per unit area
(c) Product of voltage and charge per unit volume
(d) Angular momentum per units mass

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