SSC Stenographer Grade C & D Answer Key 31 Jan 2016

21. Match each element on the right with its property on the left.
Property                                     Element
(A) A dark red liquid                 (i) Neon
(B) A metal used in jewellery  (ii) Bromine
(C) A totally inert gas               (iii) Sodium
(D) A reactive metal that         (iv) Gold
(E) explodes in water               (v) Nitrogen
(a) A-i, B-iii, C-iv, D-v
(b) A-ii, Biv, C-i, D-iii
(c) A-iii, B-ii, C-v, D-iv
(d) A-i, B-ii, C-iii, D-iv
22. The chemical name of quick lime is
(a) Calcium hydroxide
(b) Calcium oxide
(c) Calcium chloride
(d) Calcium carbonate
23.Which of the following are used to prepare the main storage (starch) form of food in plants?
(a)  Carbon dioxide and, oxygen
(b) water and oxygen
(c) Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen
(d) Carbon dioxide and water
24.  The antacid marketed as milk of magnesia has as main ingredient:
(a) MgCo3
(b) MgSO4
(c) Mg(OH)2
(d) MgCl2
25.  Which among the following books is centered around ‘environment’?
(a) The Late, Great Planet Earth
(b) Silent Spring
(c) Here I Stand
(d) And then One Day

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