UP VDO Answer Key 2016.pdf

What are minimum number of votes from the Panchayat members required to remove Up-Panchayat members required to remove a Pradhan from any Gram Panchayat?
(a) 1/4
(b) 1/2
(c) 1/3
(d) 2/3
Answer:(d) 2/3

Presently who is the Panchayati Raj Minister
(a) Sh. Shivpal Yadav
(b) Sh. Kailash Yadav
(c) Sh. Balram Yadav
(d) Sh. Durga Prasad Yadav
Answer:(b) Sh. Kailash Yadav

How many square yards are there in one Acre?
(a) 4840 sq. yards
(b) 4550 sq. yards
(c) 5248 sq. yards
(d) 4482 sq. yards
Answer:(a) 4840 sq. yards

Who was the first Vidhan Sabha speaker for Uttar Pradesh in Independent India?
(a) Purshottam Das Tandon
(b) Madan Mohan Verma
(c) Darbari Lal Sharma
(d) Nafisul Hassan
Answer:(a) Purshottam Das Tandon

In India to whom the president needs to address his/her resignation before completing the full term?
(a) Chief Justice of India
(b) Vice President
(c) Prime Minister
(d) Lok Shabha Speaker
Answer:(b) Vice President

Who was sworn in as 43rd Chief Justice of India?
(a) Justice T.S. Thakur
(b) Justice Dhananjay Chadrachud
(c) Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul
(d) Justice N.V. Raman
Answer:(a) Justice T.S. Thakur
Which is the highest civilian award in India?
(a) Padma Shri
(b) Padma Vibhushan
(c) Ashok Chakra
(d) Bharat Ratan
Answer:(d) Bharat Ratan

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