UPSSSC VDO 21 Feb Answer Key 2016 pdf

When is “World population day” celebrated?
(a) 21st July
(b) 27th July
(c) 11th July
(d) 27th August
Answer:(c) 11th July

Which of the following country shares its border with maximum number of neighboring countries?
(a) China
(b) Brazil
(c) Canada
(d) India
Answer:(a) China

How much quantity of Plasma is present in Human blood?
(a) 25-30%
(b) 55-60%
(c) 70-75%
(d) 80-85%
Answer:(b) 55-60%

Shiv Kumar Sharma is associated with which musical instrument?
(a) Tabla
(b) Shehnai
(c) Sarangi
(d) Santoor
Answer:(d) Santoor

What is the extension of Microsoft Excel File?
(a) .doc
(b) .xls
(c) .pmt
(d) .xml
Answer:(b) .xls

Which of the following is not an Computer Operating System?
(a) Linux
(b) MS-DOS
(c) MS-Word
(d) Unix
Answer:(c) MS-Word

What does CD-ROM refers to in computer system?
(a) Optical Disk
(b) Magnetic Optical Disk
(c) Magnetic Disk
(d) None of the above
Answer:(a) Optical Disk

Which of the following is not an input device in computer?
(a) Mouse
(b) Printer
(c) Key-board
(d) Scanner
Answer:(b) Printer

Which of the following item is not unique on a network?
(a) I P Address
(b) Computer Name
(c) Workgroup Name
(d) All of the above
Answer:(b) Computer Name
Who is known as the father of Hindi Literature?
(a) Munshi Premchand
(b) Bharatendu harishchandra
(c) Bhisham Sahni
(d) Devki Nandan Pant
Answer:(b) Bharatendu harishchandra

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