General Awareness/GK Questions Asked in Railway Non Technical Exam in Various Dates/Shift in 2016

Download Questions Asked in Railway Non Technical (NTPC) Exam-2016
Þ    1 rupee note bears signature of Finance Secretary
Þ    Who is 15th PM of India Narendra Modi
Þ    Arunachal Pradesh capital Guwahati
Þ    Berlin wall demolished in which year 1989.
Þ    Bhimbetka caves are approximately how many years old 30,000 years.
Þ    Chandrashekhar Limit is applied to Mass.
Þ    Chemical name of Baking soda Sodium Bicarbonate
Þ    Chemotherapy is used for treatment of Cancer
Þ    Chicken pox virus varicella zoster virus (VZV)
Þ    Chief justice of India retirement age 65 years
Þ    Commonwealth game first time in India in which year 2010
Þ    Date to change Pre 2005 notes June 30, 2016
Þ    Environment day 5 June
Þ    First women President of congress Annie Besant
Þ    First women to win gold medal in boxing  Nicola Adams
Þ    Football world cup team to win maximum no. Of times Brazil.
Aurum is which metal
Þ    Gases Causing greenhouse effect water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone.
Þ    India and _____ has singed an agreement for solar power
Þ    Interpol headquarter Lyon, France
Þ    Jalikattu game played in which state Tamil Nadu
Þ    Kamarup kingdom is in which state Assam.
Þ    Land locked country Liechtenstein in Central Europe, surrounded by Switzerland and Austria.
Þ    Largest non polar desert in the world Sahara
Þ    Last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar
Þ    Lemur are found in Madagascar.
Þ    Material used in making notes by RBI
Þ    Maximum gold in olympics by which person Michael Phelps.
Þ    National song written by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay,
Þ    No. of medals for India in 2012 Olympics 6 medals.
Þ    Organ that can grow and regenerate liver
Þ    Pollination by wind is called Anemophily or wind pollination
Þ    Brightest star in our sky Sirius A
Þ    A Passage to Infinity: Medieval Indian Mathematics from Kerala and Its Impact written by George Gheverghese Joseph
Þ    Mangalyan launched from Sriharikota
Þ    RBI Nationalised in which year 1949
Þ    Queen berry rules in which game modern boxing
Þ    A Deep crack in glacier is called crevasse
Þ    Largest fresh water lake Lake Baikal
Þ    Granite is an example of Igneous
Þ    Din-i-illahi founder Akbar
Þ    Quit India Revolution 8 August 1942
Þ    Smallest bone in human body stapes
Þ    SPM full form Suspended Particulate Matter
Þ    Subhash chandra bose father name Janakinath Bose
Þ    Swej Canal is in which country Egypt(Mediterranean Sea to Red Sea).
Þ    What is Graphene Allotrope of carbon.
Þ    Full form of RADAR Radio Detection And Ranging.
Þ    What is Umami 5th basic taste of tongue
Þ    Highest Grand slams winner male Roger Federer
Þ    Oscar winner director from India Satyajit Ray
Þ    Full form of DPT Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus
Þ    Which river flows through Karnataka and TN Kaveri
Þ    2015 TIME person of the year Chancellor Angela Merkel
Þ    Who is Father of geometry Euclid
Þ    Name of the Tallest building in world Burj Khalifa
Þ    'Tee' term associated with which sports Golf
Þ    Thailand currency Thai baht
Þ    UNESCO headquarter Paris
Þ    What is tomato It is a fruit.
Þ    Where paper invented China.
Þ    Where is the Kunchilal water fall located Karnataka
Þ    Where is the island of Sychelles located Mahe
Þ    Which language use ideographs China and Japan.
Þ    Which is landlocked country Kazakhstan
Þ    Who administers oath of the President Chief Justice of India.

Þ    Who is Chief justice of India Justice TS Thakur 
Þ    Who is known as semant (Frontier)  Gandhi Khan Abdul Gaffar khan
Þ    Zika virus spread by Aedes mosquito
Þ    100 year war between which two countries France and England
Þ    Basilica of bom jesus is located at Goa
Þ    Ellora caves in which state Maharashtra
Þ    First indian to get nobel prize Rabindranath Tagore
Þ    Fundamental duties taken from which country  USSR
Þ    Golden temple situated on which lake ►Sarovar Lake
Þ    Highest cricket ground in India in which state Himachal Pradesh
Þ    If pH value becomes less than 7 then it is called as Acidic
Þ    In the first ODI match of INDIA ,who is captain Ajit Wadekar
Þ    In which game women were allowed in  Olympic Game
Þ    India:Tiger::USA:  Bald Eagle
Þ    India’s 5th navigational satellites name  PSLV-C31
Þ    Shiva Ayyadurai is famous for E-mail
Þ    Jayakwadi dam located on which river Godavari
Þ    Manohar Parrikar hoists country’s largest, tallest tricolour at Ranchi
Þ    Mrinalini sarabhai is famous for Indian Classical Dancer
Þ    Neurology is the study ofNervous System
Þ    One question from greenhouse gases.
Þ    One question related to calcium rich food
Þ    The last ruler of Maurya dynasty Brihadratha Maurya
Þ    The presence of which Gas in air makes brass green  Oxygen
Þ    ‘Satyameva Jayate’ taken from Mundak Upanishad
Þ    What is Geotropism The growth of the parts of plants in response to the force of gravity
Þ    What is the colour of Solid Iodinepurple
Þ    When we through a stone upward, and when it reaches at top last point, at this point what is the value of velocity and acceleration
Þ    Who invented dynamo Michael Faraday
Þ    World Economic Forum 2015 meeting held at- Switzerland
Þ    Jallianwala Bagh massacre happened on 13 April 1919
Þ    What is the minimum age to become Indian PM
Þ    King Ashoka’s dynasty name Mauraya
Þ    Which planets has no satellites
Þ    Capital of Gujarat Gandhinagar
Þ    Fastest acting anti rabies vaccine drug developed by which country India
Þ    Inventor of Periodic tableDmitri Mendeleev
Þ   Cultivation of saffron in which state J & K
Þ    Study of Organisms and environment is called Ecology
Þ    X-rays discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
Þ    NaCl is a Salt
Þ    Indian parliament designed by Edwin Lutyens & Herbert Bake
Þ    In 2019, which country hosts Rugby game Japan

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