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SSC Stenographer Grade C & D Solved Question Paper (Answer Key) Held on 31 January 2016

General Awareness Questions & Answers
1.     Which among the following inscription is known as Prayaga Prashasti?
(a) Mehroli Inscription
(b) Allahabad Pillar Inscription
(c) Hathigumpha Inscription
(d) Aihole Inscription
2.    Which of the following pair is NOT correctly matched?
(a) Marco Polo- Italy
(b) Alberuni-Uzbekistan
(c) Ibn Batuta- Morocco
(D) Nikitin-Samarkand
3.    Which among the following is related to Sadr-us-Sadr?
(a) Military administration
(b) Land revenue
(c) Ecclesiastical matters
(d) Judicial administration
4.    The book ‘Problem of Human Geography’ was written by
(a) Albert Demangeon
(b) De Mortonne
(c) Jean Brunches
(d) None of these
5.    Philadelphia is famous for
(a) Ship-building
(b) Silk textiles
(c) Locomotives
(d) Dairy industry
6.    The island of Honshu in Japan is famous for
(a) Coal
(b) Iron ore
(c) Oil
(d) Diamonds
7.    ‘Intervening opportunities model’ was proposed by
(a) E.S. Lee
(b) S.A. Stouffer
(c) Revenstein
(d) Davis
8.   40° N latitude acts as demarcation line between
(a) North and South Vietnam
(b) Egypt and Sudan
(c) Noth and South Korea
(d) USA and Canada
9.    August Weismann proposed
(a) Natural selection theory
(b) Inheritance of acquired character
(c) Modern synthetic theory
(d) Germplasm theory
10.    Which blood vessels carry pure blood from the lungs to the heart?
(a) Pulmonary arteries
(b) Pulmonary veins
(c) Cardiac artery
(d) Cardiac vein
11. Lakes which contain high concentration of humic acid in water is
(a) Dystrophic lakes
(b) Deep ancient lakes
(c) Desert salt lakes
(d) Volcanic lakes
12.Kala-azar is transmitted by ____.
(a) Sand fly
(b) Tsetse fly
(c) Black flied
(d) Mites
13. Which of the following breeds of chicken belongs to Mediterranian close?
(a) Brahma
(b) Sussex
(c) Leghorn
(d) Sustra lorp
14.Fibrinogen is converted into fibrin by
(a) thrombin
(b) prothrombin
(c) thrombokinase
(d) thromboplastin
15. Among the following quantities which one has dimensions different from the remaining three?
(a) Energy per unit volume
(b) Force per unit area
(c) Product of voltage and charge per unit volume
(d) Angular momentum per units mass
16.Bernoulli’s theorem is a statement of the conservation of
(a) Mass
(b) Energy
(c) Linear momentum
(d) Pressure
17. When the velocity of a body is doubled
(a) its K.E. is doubled
(b) its P.E. doubled
(c) its momentum is doubled
(d) its acceleration is doubled
18.    A bag is dropped from an aeroplane flying horizontally at a constant speed. Neglecting air resistance, where will  the aeroplane be when the bag reaches the ground?
(a) Directly above the bag
(b) Ahead of the bag
(c) Behind the bag
(d) Data is not sufficient.
19.Which of the following units used to measure the speed of a computer?
(a) SYPS
(b) MIPS
(c) BAUD
(d) Byte
20.   DHCP is mainly to
(a) Provide IP address automatically to the devices
(b) Routing
(c) Converting IP address to domain
(d) Multicasting
21.Match each element on the right with its property on the left.
Property                                     Element
(A) A dark red liquid                 (i) Neon
(B) A metal used in jewellery  (ii) Bromine
(C) A totally inert gas               (iii) Sodium
(D) A reactive metal that         (iv) Gold
(E) explodes in water               (v) Nitrogen
(a) A-i, B-iii, C-iv, D-v
(b) A-ii, Biv, C-i, D-iii
(c) A-iii, B-ii, C-v, D-iv
(d) A-i, B-ii, C-iii, D-iv
22.   The chemical name of quick lime is
(a) Calcium hydroxide
(b) Calcium oxide
(c) Calcium chloride
(d) Calcium carbonate
23.    Which of the following are used to prepare the main storage (starch) form of food in plants?
(a)  Carbon dioxide and, oxygen
(b) water and oxygen
(c) Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen
(d) Carbon dioxide and water
24.   The antacid marketed as milk of magnesia has as main ingredient:
(a) MgCo3
(b) MgSO4
(c) Mg(OH)2
(d) MgCl2
25.    Which among the following books is centered around ‘environment’?
(a) The Late, Great Planet Earth
(b) Silent Spring
(c) Here I Stand
(d) And then One Day

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