TNPSC VAO Answer Keys for 28 February 2016 Examination

1.      Parotid gland is affected by
A.  A(H1N1) virus
B. Hepatitis B-virus
C. Polio virus
D. Mumps virus

2.     The founder of Nalanda University
A.  Chandra Gupta I
B. Kumara Gupta
C. Skanda Gupta
D. Samudra Gupta

3.     Which party in Tamil Nadu first introduced “Free Noon-Meal” scheme?
A.  Congress
B. Justice party
C. Swarajya party
D. Dravidian party

4.     Most of the Mangrove (Sundari) trees are found in the deltas of
A.  Narmadha
B. Mahanadhi
C. Hoogly
D. Cauvery

5.     A major user of wind energy in the world is
A.  Asia
B. Europe
C. South America
D. North America

6.     Rank the First Four largest paddy producing countries in Asia
A.  India, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh
B.  Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, China
C.  Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, China
D. China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh

7.     Consider the following statement, choose the correct answer :
Assertion (A) : “Liberty means the absence of restraints” -Prof. Seely.
Reason (R) : Liberty is the eager maintenance of that atmosphere in which men have the opportunity to be their best selves.
A.  Both (A) and (R) are True
B.  (A) is True (R) is False
C.  (A) is False (R) is True
D.  (A) and (R) both False

8.     Lok-Adalat was introduced in
A. 1950
B. 1987
C. 1984
D. 2000

9.     If a particular amount distributed to each of 14 students is Rs.80 more than the amount distributed to each of 18 students, find the amount
A. 5040
B. 3150
C. 2520
D. 4200

10. Find the sum of the following series 22 + 32 +….. + 202
A. 2867
B. 2868
C. 2869
D. 2870

11.   Mr. Raghuveer Chaudhary has been nominated for the 51st Jnanpith Award in December 2015. His language of expertise is
A.  Marathi
B. Gujarathi
C. Sindhi
D. Konkani

12. Name the country that has approved World’s First Dengue Vaccine
A.  Australia
B. Mexico
C. Canada
D. China

13.  Choose  the  correct  descending  order  of  hierarchy  in  the  District  Revenue Administration.
A.  Collector – District Revenue Officer – Revenue Divisional Officer –
B.  District Revenue Officer – Collector – Revenue Divisional officer – Tahsildar
C.  Revenue Divisional Officer – District Revenue Officer – Collector – Tahsildar
D.  Tahsildar – District Revenue Officer – Revenue Divisional Officer – Collector

14. Who is responsible for maintaining and reporting of survey stone?
A.  Panchayat Secretary
B. Public Welfare Officer
C. Director of Survey
D. Village Administrative Officer

15.  Consider the following statements :
Assertion (A) : Government cannot claim any right over the trees in private lands.
Reason (R) : Under the Tamilnadu Panchayat Act 1994 certain lands vest in the local body the Panchayat have rights over the trees in these lands.
A.  Both (A) and (R) are false
B. Both (A) and (R) are true (R) does not explain (A)
C.  (A) is false but (R) is true
D.  Both (A) and (R) are true (R) explains (A)

16. The cells which provide nourishment to developing sperms
A.  Sertoli cells
B. Interstitial cells
C. Egg cells
D. Follicle cells

17.  What is Mediasteanum?
A.  Membrane around the lungs
B.  Membrane around the heart
C.  Membrane around the kidney
D. Space between the two lungs

18. Hazardous bio-medical wastes are usually disposed off by means of
A.  Land fills
B. Deep well injection
C. Incineration
D. Surface impoundment
19. Consider the following statements :
I.   Cave Pillars are formed when stalacties and Stalagmites meet together.
II.   Delta is a depositional feature of almost triangular shape at foot hills. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
A. I only
B. Both I and II
C. II only
D. Neither I nor II

20.  Choose the correct answer :
The Atmospheric layer where the decrease of temperature with increasing elevation at a Normal lapse rate.
A.  Troposphere
B. Stratosphere
C. Thermosphere
D. Exosphere

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