TNPSC VDO Solved Question Paper-2016

101. Other Backward classes (OBC) certificate is issued by
A.  District Collector
B. Tahsildar
C. Sub-Collector
D. Revenue Inspector

102.Which one of the following forms is used for Death reporting?
A.  From – 2
B. From – 5
C. From – 1
D. Form – 4

103. Identify the process(es) from the following which involves absorption of heat:
I.   Condensation
II.   Sublimation
III.   Evaporation
A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. I only

104.        I KM (A), 1 light year (B) and 1 Astronomical unit (C) are related as
A.  A = B = C
B. A < B < C
C. A < B > C
D. A > B > C

105. Mass of an object is 10 kilogram. Its weight on the earth and is space respectively and
A.  5N, 10 N
B. 10N, 10 N
C. 10N, zero N
D. 98N, zero N

106. The King who issued the infallibility decree was
A.  Bahar
B. Humayun
C. Shersha
D. Akbar

107. The tower of Arunachalaeswara temple was completed by
A.  Thirumalai Neyak
B. Achutappa
C. Vijaya Ragava
D. Krishnadevaraya

108.        The excavation of the Indus Valley Civilization was done in
A. 1921
B. 1922
C. 1924
D. 1926

109. The physiocrafts considered only the following as productive occupation
A.  Manufacturing Industry
B. Agriculture
C. Service Sectors
D. Soldiers

110.The difference between NNP and NDP
A.  Depreciation
B. Current transfers from rest of the world
C. Indirect tax
D. Net factor income from abroad

111. What is the age limit of Judges of High Court?
A. 60
B. 62
C. 65
D. 70

112.The Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee was
A.  Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
B. Dr. Sinha
C. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
D. Jawaharlal Nehru

113.  ___deals    with     the     socio-economic     development    and  empowerment of women through self-help groups.
A.  Short Stay Home
B. Family Counselling Centres
C. Swayamsidha
D. Skill development

114. A tap can fill a tank in 15 minutes. Another tap can empty it in 20 minutes. Initially the tank is empty, if both the taps start functioning at the same time, when with the tank become full?
A.  1 hour
B. 3 hours
C. 2 hours
D. 4 hours

115.IF ROAD is coded as URDG then SWAN is coded as

116. India’s first dedicated scientific mission to study the outermost layer and the chromo-sphere of sum is
A.  Ravi
B. Aditya
C. Kiran
D. Jwala

117. Which country was recently declared the cow as its National Animal?
A.  Indonesia
B. Malaysia
C. Nepal
D. Mauritius

118. The scientist who explained “Big Bang Theory” at first was
A.  Edwin Hubble
B. Ab George Lematry
C. Ptolemy
D. Aryiabatta

119. 1 Cent is equal to
A.  435.6 sq. ft
B. 144sq.ft
C. 100sq. meter
D. 1089 sq.ft

120. In which of the following lands the land lease is not banned?
A.  Water course poramboke, like lake, Eri and pond
B.  Meikkal and gracing ground poramboke
C.  Burial grounds
D. Un assessed dry waste

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