UP Combined Upper PCS Answer Key/ Answer sheet of 20-03-2016 Exam

26. In the International Tennis Premier League (ITPL) 2015, matches held in India, Rafael nadal played from the team
(a) UAE Royals
(b) Japan Warriors
(c) India Aces
(d) Philippine Mavericks
Answer:(c) India Aces

27. The book ‘Kargil: Turning the Tide’ is written by :
(a) Mohinder Puri
(b) Anita Nair
(c) Chetan Bhagat
(d) Durjoy Datta
Answer:(a) Mohinder Puri

28. Supposing all Indian States as different countries of the world in terms of Human development Index ranking; match these states to concerned country’s ranking and select correct option from codes given below:
List – I                              List – II
(States)                     (Ranking Countries)
A Kerala                          1. South Africa
B. Gujarat                       2. Pakistan
C. Uttar Pradesh           3. Honduras
D. Maharashtra             4. Maldives
               A             B             C             D
(a)          3              1              2             4
(b)          4             3              2              1
(c)          2              3              1             4
(d)          1              2              3             4
Answer:(b) 4       3       2       1

29. Raghuvir Chaudhury, who was recently awarded Sahitya Academy Puraskar, enriched the literature in
(a) Marathi
(b) Gujarati
(c) Kannada
(d) Hindi
 Answer:(b) Gujarati

30. In which of the following districts of U.P., a 112 year old woman (Nauroji Devi) has been elected Pradhan of a Village?
(a) Mau
(b) ghazipur
(c) Azamgarh
(d) Jaunpur
Answer:(c) Azamgarh

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