UP PCS 2016 Answer key Upper PCS 20th March 2016.pdf

51. Quinine, the effective medicine in the treatment of malaria, is extracted from
(a) Bark of Cinnamon
(b) Bark of Cinchona
(c) Leaves of Ocimum
(d) Bark of Acacia Catechu
Answer:(b) Bark of Cinchona

52. Which one of the following pairs is incorrectly matched?
(a) Thiamine -Beriberi
(b) Ascorbic acid – Scurvy
(c) Vitamin A        – Colour-blindness
(d) Vitamin K        – Blood clotting
Answer:(c) Vitamin A        – Colour-blindness

53. Which of the following air pollutants gets dissolved in haemoglobin of the blood more rapidly than oxygen
(a) PAN
(b) Carbon dioxide
(c) Carbon monoxide
(d) Ozone
 Answer:(c) Carbon monoxide
54. ‘Prithivyah Pratham vee’ was the title of
(a) Samudragupta
(b) Rajendra-I
(c) Amonghavarsha
(d) Gautamiputra Shatkarni
55. From which rock shelter for Vindhyas, maximum number of human skeltons have been found?
(a) Moahana Pahar
(b) Ghagharia
(c) Baghahai Khor
(d) Lekhahia

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