UP PCS Pre Answer Key 2016 Download: Exam Held on 20th March

91. Share of U.P. in the exports from India in 2014-15 is in the range
(a) 4 to 5 percent
(b) 5 to 6 percent
(c) 6 to 7 percent
(d) 7 to 8 percent

92. What is the effect of deficit financing on economy?
(a) Reduction in taxes
(b) Increase in wages
(c) Increase in money supply
(d) Decrease in money supply
Answer:(c) Increase in money supply
93. Which among the following Panchayat, are included in the District Plan in U.P?I. Nagar panchayat
II. Gram Panchayat
III. Kshetra Panchayat
Select the correct answer from the codes given below:
(a) I only
(b) I and II only
(c) II and III only
(d) I, II and III all
Answer:(d) I, II and III all

94. Which one of the following age groups is eligible for enrolment under ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’?
(a) 4-12 years
(b) 6-14 years
(c) 5-15 years
(d) 5-16 years

Answer:(b) 6-14 years
95. In which one of the following years ‘Swavlamban Scheme’ was launched?
(a) 2010 A.D
(b) 2011 A.D
(c) 2012 A.D
(d) 2014 A.D
Answer:(a) 2010 A.D

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