UPPSC Upper PCS Prelims Answer key 20 March 2016 [Download Paper Solution]

41. The Supreme court of India enunciated the doctrine of ‘Basic  Structure of the Constitution’ in 
Answer:the Keshavanand Bharati Case in 1973

42. A resolution passed under clause(1) of Articale 249 Shall remain in  force for a Period not exceeding 
Answer: One year

43. The Sararia Commission was set-up for the review of relation between 
Answer:The Centre and the States

44. Internal Security Academy is located at 
Answer:Mount Abu

45. The State Finance Commission is a 
Answer:Constitutional body
46. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution, the Parliament can make laws on State list subject for giving effect to international agreements? 
Answer:Article 253

47. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution, there is provision for the Election Commission? 
Answer:Article- 324

48. Reservation of seats in Panchayat elections for Scheduled Castes shall not apply to the State of 
Answer:Arunachal Pradesh

49. Who among the following is authorized to make provisions with respect to the composition of Panchayats? 
Answer:Governor of state
50. Which part of the Constitution, has the provisions for Panchayati raj System? 

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