UPPSC Upper Subordinate Prelims Answer Key 20th March 2016 Download

102. Time span of ‘Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana’ is
(a) 2014-2021
(b) 2014-2024
(c) 2015-2022
(d) 2015-2025
Answer:(c) 2015-2022

103. Which one of the following is not an objective of National Food Security Mission (NFSM)?
(a) Distribution of high yielding variety seeds
(b) Demonstration of improved production technology
(c) strengthening credit facilities
(d) Popularising newly released varieties of crops

104. India’s first National Action Plan on climate change was released in
(a) 2008 A.D.
(b) 2012 A.D.
(c) 2014 A.D.
(d) 2015 A.D.
Answer:(a) 2008 A.D.
105. Which one of the following thermometers is known as pyrometer?
(a) Thermo-electric thermometers
(b) Radiation thermometers
(c) Gas thermometers
(d) Liquid thermometers
Answer:(b) Radiation thermometers

106. ‘Dynamo’ is a device, which converts
(a) chemical energy into electrical energy
(b) electrical energy into mechanical energy
(c) mechanical energy into electrical energy
(d) electrical energy into chemical energy
Answer:(c) mechanical energy into electrical energy

107. The velocity of wind is measure by
(a) Barometer
(b) Anemometer
(c) Hydrometer
(d) Wind Vane
Answer:(b) Anemometer

108. Which one of the following gases is not a green house gas?
(a) CO2
(b) CH4
(c) NO2
(d) O2

Answer:(d) O2
109. Match the List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists:
List-I                      List-II
A. Viticulture       1. Vegetable farming
B. Vegeculture    2. Fish farming
C. Pisciculture    3. Tree farming
D. Olericulture   4. Grapes farming
         A             B             C             D
(a)   1              2              3              4
(b)  4              3              2              1
(c)   3              2              1              4
(d)  4              1              2              3
Answer:(b)  4              3              2              1

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