UPPSC Upper Subordinate Service Answer Key 2016

118. In a food chain, man is
(a) producer
(b) only primary consumer
(c) only secondary consumer
(d) primary as well as secondary consumer

119. The main reason for the decrease in biodiversity is
(a) habitat pollution
(b) introduction of exotic species
(c) over exploitation
(d) natural habitat destruction
Answer:(c) over exploitation

120.Which one of the following is an important source of Vitamin-E?
(a) Palam oil
(b) Coconut oil
(c) Wheat germ oil
(d) Mustard oil
Answer:(c) Wheat germ oil

121. The alkaloid caffeine is present in
(a) Tea only
(b) Coffee only
(c) Tea and coffee both
(d) Lemon water

122. Einstein was honoured with Nobel Prize for
(a) Photoelectric Effect
(b) Theory of Specific Heats
(c) Special Theory of Relativity
(d) Bose-Einstein Statistics
Answer:(a) Photoelectric Effect

123. National dairy Research Institute is established at
(a) Karnal
(b) Hisar
(c) Anand
(d) Jaipur
Answer:(a) Karnal

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