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General Awareness Questions in Railway RRB NTPC Exam 2016.pdf

»    “In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher” is quote by Dalai Lama
»    1896 Olympics held first time at? – Athens
»    Adhai Din Ka Jhopra is situated at? – Ajmer
»    Anjolie Ela Menon is related to which field Artist
»    Capital of Gujarat Gandhinagar
»    Capital of Uganda Kampala
»    Capital of Uganda Kampala
»    Chipko Movement firstly started in Rajasthan
»    Cultivation of saffron in which state J & K
»    Fastest acting anti rabies vaccine drug developed by which country India
»    First modern Olympics host Athens
»    Foundation Year of Arunachal Pradesh? – 1972
»    Global peaceful index 2015 which country got 1st place? – Iceland
»    H2O is water then what is KOH Potassium Hydroxide
»    HIL full form Hockey Indian League
»    In 2019, which country hosts Rugby game Japan
»    In India where Chipko movement started  Rajasthan
»    Indian parliament designed by  Edwin Lutyens & Herbert Bake
»    Inventor of Periodic table Dmitri Mendeleev
»    Jallianwala Bagh massacre happened on  13 April 1919
»    King Ashoka’s dynasty name Mauraya
»    Limerick is A five line poetry
»    Longest railway destination of India Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari
»    Longest river in India which do not fall in sea? – Yamuna
»    Maasai Mara National Reserve is in which country? – Kenya
»    Madhubani painting is related to which state? – Bihar
»    Make in India Logo designed by Weiden Kennedy India Limited
»    Male is capital of  Maldives
»    Male is the Capital of which country Maldives
»    NaCl is a  Salt
»    Name of Pokharan test Operation Shakti
»    Official language of Bhutan? – Dzongkha
»    PNR full form Passenger Name Record
»    Sabari Karthik is related to which sport? – Karate
»    Sikkim became state in which year? – 1975
»    Srilanka capital? – Colombo
»    Study of dreams Oneirology
»    Study of Organisms and environment is called Ecology
»    What does BESK Stand for Binary Electronic Sequence Calculator
»    What is LIGO Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory
»    What is Makarsankranti Hindu Festival
»    What is Siberian ibex Species
»    What is Sighmo? – Festival
»    What is the minimum age to become Indian PM
»    What is the Operation Name of 1998 Pokharan Test Shakti
»    Where is Orang National Park situated Assam
»    Which animal is depicted in make in India logo Lion
»    Which country is the newest member of WTO Afghanistan
»    Which crop is produced at highest quantity in India? – Rice
»    Which is Largest Fresh Water lake in India Wular Lake
»    Which is Longest railway destination of India Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari
»    Which is most abundant natural combustible gas? – Methane
»    Which is not an Operating system (options :OS x,win 98,C++,Windows 7) C++
»    Which is the cleanest city of India Mysore
»    Which planets has no satellites► Venus & Mercury
»    Which Vitamin helps in blood clotting Vitamin K
»    Which vitamin is related to Blood Clotting Vitamin K
»    Who among the following was not a vice president APJ Abdul Kalam
»    Who is the author of Malgudi Days R.K. Narayan
»    Who was the first woman to climb Mount Everest Junko Tabei
»    Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan during 1999 Nawaz Sharif
»    X-rays discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen

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