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Important Life Science / Biology Questions

In medical terminology, ENT stands for
Ear, nose and throat
Inflammation of the pancreas is called
Insulin deficiency causes
Insulin is also known as
Anti-diabetic hormone
Leukemia is a disease of the
Leukemia is commonly known as
Blood Cancer
Long sightdness is also known as
Long sightdness is corrected by using
Convex lens
LSD stands for
Lysergic acid Di-ethylamide
Malaria is transmitted by
Anopheles mosquito
Medical practioners without valid licence are called
Meningitis is an infection of
Head and spinal cord
Meningitis is caused by
Neisseria meningitis
Muscles of the heart are called
Cardiac muscles
NMR stands for
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Nose is the sense organ for
Over exposure to sun cause
Sun burn
Persons who are having blood group AB positive are called
Universal recipients
Persons who are having blood group O positive are called
Universal donors
Plague is caused by bacteria which is found in
Fleas on the bodies of rats
Plague was also known as
Black death
Pnemonia is an infection of the
Polio vaccine was invented by
Jonas Salk
Psoraisis is an inherited disease of
Skin,nails and joints
Pus formation in the lung is called
Lung abscess
Q fever was first noticed in
Red cells of blood contain
Rod shaped bacteria are called
Scarlet fever is caused by
Strepto coccus
Sex is predicted before the birth of the child by a test called
Amnio centesis
Short sightdness is
Concave lens
Short sightdness is also known as
Skin is the sense organ for
Spherical shaped bacteria are called
Spiral shaped bacteria are called
Substances that cause allergy are called
Teeth are covered by a hard substance called
Tetanus is also known as
Lockjaw disease
Tetanus is caused by
Clostridium tetane
The ability of a living creature to resist the attack of diseases is known as
The colour of the skin is dependant upon a pigment called
The device which improves one's hearing is called
Hearing aid
The first antibiotic discovered by
The formation of a blood clot within a blood vessel is called
The inner layer of the skin is called
The main artery of the body is the
The number of teeth in a normal human being are
The outer layer of the skin is called
The sex hormone of the male is
The sex hormones of the females are
Estrogen and progesterone
The size of a virus is about
A millionth of a centimeter
The sterilization technique carried out on men is
The x-ray visualisation of a joint is known as
There are how many types of Malaria
Tissue taken from the patient while operation is going on is called
Frozen section
Tongue is the sense organ for
Typhoid fever is caused by
Salmonella typhi bacteria
Typhoid vaccine was invented by
Almorth Writht
Vaccination was invented by
Edward Jenner
Vaccine against polio is called
Poliomyelitis vaccine
Vaccine is a liquid containing
Dilute or dead pathogens
Whooping cough is caused by
Bordella pertussis

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