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Medical Science Terminology

A break in the continuity of a bone is called a
A condition in which both eyes do not point in the same direction is called as
A condition in which one is not able to see both near and distant objects is known as
A condition in which the lung tissue loses its elasticity is known as
A condition where the lung tissue collapses is known as
A condition wherein the pressure within the eyeball is increased above normal is called
A device used to regularise irregular heart beats is called
A doctor who is a specialist in matters related to the heart and circulatory system is called a
A fungus is a
Microscopic plant
A gynecologist specialises in matters related to
Reproductive system
A hereditary lack of pigment in the skin, hair & eyes is known as
A method of treating cancer or tumor growth using chemicals is known as
A normal pregnancy lasts for about
40 weeks
A pregnancy that ends before the 28th week is termed as
A progressive weakening of muscles is called
Muscular dystrophy
A Psychiatrist specialises in matters related to
Mental disorders
A sudden interruption of the blood supply to the brain can cause a
A swelling of the thyroid gland is known as
Acute conjuctivitis is commonly known as
black eye
AIDS stands for
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
An area of pus formation within the lung is called
Lung abscess
An infection of the gums involving margin of the teeth with the gum is known as
An inflammation of the thin membrance that covers the black part of the eye is called
Anthrax is caused by
Anthrax bacillus
BCG is a vaccine given for immunization against the disease
BCG stands for
Bacillus Calmette Guerin
Biceps are the muscles of the
Blood vessels that carry blood from different organs to the heart are known as
Blood vessels that carry blood from different organs to the heart are known as
Both convex and concave lens is used to correct the eyesight of a person suffering from
Bronchiectasis is a disease of the which system
Cholera is caused by
Vibrio choleral bacteria
Comma shaped bacteria are called
Contact lenses were invented by
Copper T is a type of device used for
Damage to a nerve is termd as
Delivery of more than one baby at a time is called as
Multiple pregnancy
Dengue fever is also known as
Break-bone fever
Diptheria is caused by
Diseases which spread by contact are called
Contagious diseases
DPT is a
Triple vaccine
DPT is effective against
Diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus
DPT vaccine is given how many times to children
Drugs which neutralize secretions of the stomach which cause ulcers and acidity are called
Drugs which produce loss of sensation in a small area where the drug is applied are called
Local anaesthetics
Drugs which produce total unconsciousness are known as
General anaesthetics
Drugs which reduce tension, anxiety, depression etc. are known as
Ears are the sense organs for
Eczema is a disease of the
EEG is used to record the activities of the
EEG stands for
Electro encephalography
ELISA technique is used to detect
EMG is used for recording for the activity of the
Muscles during contraction
EMG stands for
Eyes are the sense organ for
Hay fever is a type of
How many bones an adult human body has
How many bones an human baby's body has
How many senses a human being has
In a human baby, teething process starts from the age
Seven months
In a human body, about how many muscles are there


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