Questions Asked in UPSC CAPF Exam 2016.pdf

33. The provision under article 51 A of the Constitution of India relates to the --fundamental duties
34. Parochial political culture is generally found in –Monarchial societies
35. Who among the following sociologist is the first propound the concept of civil society? –Adam Ferguson
36. The constitution of Jammu and Kashmir came into force on 26 January 1950 –26 January 1957
37.  Who among the following British ethnographers launched the survey of India project in 1860? –Dufferin*
38. Which of the following statement about Barnaparichay, mid 19th century Bengali text is correct
1.      it was written by Raja Ram Mohan Roy
2.     it was the most widely used Bengali Premer of the time
--Only 2
39. Which one of the following statements about the Champaran satyagraha is correct –1 and 2 Only
40. Which one of the following atmosphere has high concentration of ions --Thermosphere
41.  Which one of the following cities has greater annual range of temperature –New Delhi
42. Ramsar convention to which India is a signatory is related to conservation and wise use of --wetlands

Answers to the remaining questions asked in UPSC CAPF exams are under evaluation and same will be published here soon. Keep watching this space.
Do write us if you feed any discrepancy in the answers.

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