UPSC Assistant Commandant CAPF Answer Key -2016

43. Which one of the following rivers flows between Satpura and Vindhya ranges --Narmada
44. Which one of the following is the correct taxonomic hierarchy –Kingdom- Phylum- class- order- family- genus- species
45. The sub unit of DNA are known as --Nucleotide
46. The process of using micro to treat areas of land or see that have been contaminated by pesticides, oil or solvent is known as --Bioremediation
47.  how is the rate of transpiration affected by decreasing immunity and by decreasing light intensity –If humidity increases when light intensity decreases
48. vaccination involves --injecting the body with material that stimulate the body to produce antibodies
49. Which of the following are examples of carnivorous plants –Sundew, Venus fly trap, Pitcher plant
50. Consider the following statements relating to see salinity
1.      the ocean salinity depends on the evaporation and precipitation
2.     any change in the temperature on density influences the salinity
3.     major source of sea salinity is Terrestrial discharge by rivers
--All are correct
51.  Consider the following statements regarding salt production in India
1.      India is the second largest producer of iodised salt in the world next only to China
2.     salt mining is carried out in Himachal Pradesh
3.     Gujarat is the leading producer of salt in India
4.     Groundwater is the important source of salt in Rajasthan
--3 and 4 only (China-US-India Production wise rank)
52. Which of the following statements relating to Dharwar geological system are correct
1.      They belong to Archaean geological period
2.     they are metamorphosed sedimentary rocks
3.     the year of great economic importance for its mineral resources
4.     they are found three dominantly in Karnataka Tamil Nadu Odisha and Jharkhand
---2, 3 and 4 only
53. which one of the following is the statement in correct order of formation of geological system in India in terms of their age is (starting with the oldest) –Cuddapahs- Vindhyans- Dharwars- Aravallis

Answers to the remaining questions asked in UPSC CAPF exams are under evaluation and same will be published here soon. Keep watching this space.
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