UPSC CAPF Solution/ Answer Key: Exam held on 26 June 2016

UPSC CAPF Solution/ Answer Key-2016

1.      Cut motion can be introduced after the presentation of -The Railway And general budget
2.     Who among the following divided governments into ‘Republican’,  ‘Monarchical’ and ‘Despotic’? -Montesquieu
3.     Who among the following coined the term Demand polity and Command polity? – Lloyd I. Rudolph and Susanne H. Rudolph
4.     which of the following statement about the Bengali literally Epic Meghnad Badh Kabya 1861 is/are correct- It was written by Michael Madhusudan Dutta
5.     Which of the following is the famous Novel written by in 1869 by  Nazeer Ahmed- Mirat-ul-urus
6.     Which of the following statement about the funding of the Indian National Congress is/are correct
·       the INC was formed in Bombay in 1885
·       the first president of the NIC was WC Banerjee
--Both 1 and 2
7.     The earliest literally references to iron in Indian subcontinent are found in the --Yajurveda

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