UPSSC Combine Lower Sub Ordinate Solved Question Paper/ Answer Key 2016

16.  Which Sikh Guru compiled the Adi Granth? -- Guru Arjan Dev
17.  Who founded the dynasty of Tuluva? -- Veera Narasimha
18.  Who was the first Muslim to invade India? -- Mohd. Bin Qasim
19.  Which of the following is not an Upaveda? – Yogveda
20. Where has world’s largest Wi-Fi network been established recently? – Patna
21.  Through which of the following groups of countries does the equator pass? --Colombia, Kenya and Indonesia.
22. A Cookie -- Stores information about the user’s web activity
23. When was Altenative Energy Development Institute established for the development of alternative energy in Uttar Pradesh? –1983
24. PM Narendra Modi declared how many smart cities for India? –100
25. Who among the following is related to disinvestment commission? --G. V. Ramakrishna
26. Kyzyl Kum desert is situated in – Uzbekistan
27.  The rivers of South India mainly have which of the following drainage patterns? – Dendritic
28. In the year 2016, U. P. Pravasi Divas was celebrated on which day? -- 4th January

29. The status of ‘Special Category States” is given to certain states to target the fund flow for better balanced growth. Which of the following states fall under this category? –Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir & Jharakhand
30. Which of the following ministry has recently started ‘ePace’ and ‘infracon’ facilities? -- Ministry of Road Transport

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