List of Diseases in Crops or Plants caused by Fungi, Bacteria, Virus etc.

Plant Diseases Caused by Fungi, Bacteria, Virus etc.

» Plant pathology (also phytopathology) is the scientific study of diseases in plants caused by pathogens (infectious organisms) and environmental conditions (physiological factors).
» Organisms that cause infectious disease include fungi, oomycetes, bacteria, viruses, viroids, virus-like organisms, phytoplasmas, protozoa, nematodes and parasitic plants. Not included are ectoparasites like insects, mites, vertebrate, or other pests that affect plant health by consumption of plant tissues.
» Plant pathology also involves the study of pathogen identification, disease etiology, disease cycles, economic impact, plant disease epidemiology, plant disease resistance, how plant diseases affect humans and animals, pathosystem genetics, and management of plant diseases.
» A plant disease is usually defined as abnormal growth and/or dysfunction of a plant. Diseases are the result of some disturbance in the normal life process of the plant.
» Diseases may be the result of living and/or non-living causes. Biotic diseases are caused by living organisms (e.g., fungi, bacteria, and viruses).
»  A symptom of plant disease is a visible effect of disease on the plant. Symptoms may include a detectable change in color, shape or function of the plant as it responds to the pathogen. Leaf wilting is a typical symptom of verticillium wilt, caused by the fungal plant pathogens Verticillium albo-atrum and V. dahliae.

Common Names of Plant Diseases

Diseases caused by Bacteria in Plants

Name of the Crop/Plant
Bacterial Disease
Beans, Rice
Black Arm
Ring Rot, Brown Rot 

Diseases Caused by Fungi in Plants

Name of the Crop/Plant
Fungal Disease
Red Rot
Bajra (Pearl Millet)
Ergot, Green Ear, Smut
Pigeon Pea, Cotton
Ground Nut
Paddy, Papaya
Foot Rot
Rust, Powdery Mildew
Late Blight
Grapes, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Bajra, Mustard
Downy Mildew
Radish, Turnip
White Rust

Diseases caused by Virus in Plants

Name of the Crop/Plant
Viral Disease
Leaf Roll, Mosaic
Bunchy Top
Leaf Curl
Red Leaf

Important questions asked in examination related to plant diseases

Question: Factor which are most responsible for disease in plant is- 
Answer: Fungi
Question: Plant are made disease resistance by- 
Answer: By cross breeding with wild varity
Question: Tikka disease is related with the crop: 
Answer: Ground nut
Question: Canker disease in lemon is due to- 
Answer: Bacteria
Question: Red rust disease of tea is caused by- 
Answer: Green algae
Question: Green ear disease is related with the crop- 
Answer: Banjara 
Question: Which of the following stage of development of insect is most harmful for crop?
Answer: Caterpiller
Question: Milibug is related with the crop- 
Answer: Mustard 
Question: The scientist who studied about wheat rust problem- 
Answer: K.C.Mehta
Question: The disease fire blight is related with- 
Answer: Apple
Question: Early Leaf spot in ground Nut 
Answer: Cercopora arachidicola
Question: Sexual Stage of Rice is 
Answer: Magnaporthe grisea
Question: Rust of linseed and flax can be completely controlled by spray of 
Answer: Borax

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