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MPPSC Pre Exam 2017 Question Paper with Answer Key

MPPSC Preliminary Question Papers 2017 Download

General Studies Paper -1
1) Sound waves travel fastest in  
(a) solids
(b) liquids
(c) gases
(d) vacuum
Answer: a

2) In human eyes, the image of an object is formed on
(a) cornea
(b) iris
(c) pupil
(d) retina
Answer: d

3) The kidneys in human beings are a part of system for
(a) nutrition
(b) transportation
(c) excretion
(d) respiration
Answer: c

4) Which of the following diseases is caused by protozoa?
(a) Cholera
(b) Diphtheria
(c) Pneumonia
(d) Malaria
Answer: d

5) Transfer of heat by convection can take place in
(a) solids and liquids
(b) solids and vacuum
(c) gasses and liquids
(d) vacuum and gasses
Answer: c

6) Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
(a) Vitamin A-Maculan
(b) Vitamin B-Maculan
(c) Vitamin C-James Lind
(d) Vitamin D-Paul Muller
Answer: d

7) The power of a “——-“
(a) dioptre
(b) aeon
(c) lumen
(d) candela
Answer: a

8) Which of the following is also used as a lubricant?
(a) Cuprite
(b) Graphite
(c) Haematite
(d) Cryolite
Answer: b

9) The ‘laughing gas’ is
(a) hydrogen peroxide
(b) nitrous oxide
(c) carbon monoxide
(d) sulphur dioxide
Answer: b

10) Lightning can even burn a tree because it contains tremendous amount of
(a) heat energy
(b) electric energy
(c) chemical energy
(d) nuclear energy
Answer: b

11) Eight – year – old Tajamul Islam of J & K is related to which game?
(a) Squash
(b) Kickboxing
(c) Swimming
(d) Football
Answer: b

12) Who among the following was a Hockey player of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Sameer Dad
(b) Kirti Patel
(c) Michael Nath
(d) Amit Banerjee
Answer: a

13) The tradition of which game started with the setting up of the Parsee Club?
(a) Hockey
(b) Football
(c) Cricket
(d) Table Tennis
Answer: c

14) Where is Roop Singh Stadium Located?
(a) Gwalior
(b) Indore
(c) Bhopal
(d) Jabalpur
Answer: a

15) With which game is Amitabh Vijayvargiya associated?
(a) Hockey
(b) Football
(c) Cricket
(d) None of the above
Answer: c

16) What was the name of the Cricket World Cup played in 1987?
(a) Reliance Cup
(b) Benson and Hedges Cup
(c) Wills Cup
(d) None of the above
Answer: a

17) In which year was Sachin Tendulkar given the Arjuna Award?
(a) 1990
(b) 1994
(c) 1997
(d) 1999
Answer: b

18) In which year were the Commonwealth Games started?
(a) 1922
(b) 1925
(c) 1927
(d) 1930
Answer: d

19) Which of the following countries has never been a winner in the T-20 Cricket World Cup (Men)?
(a) India
(b) Australia
(c) England
(d) Pakistan
Answer: b

20) In which of the following years were Olympics not held in London?
(a) 2012
(b) 1968
(c) 1948
(d) 1908
Answer: b

21) The service of the Internet that provides ‘audio’ and ‘video’ conversation, is called
(a) chat
(b) e-mail
(c) video conferencing
(d) video chat
Answer: c

22) Which of the following is not a Web browser?
(a) Opera
(b) Google Apps
(c) Vivaldi
(d) Mozilla Firefox
Answer: b

23) In the context of computer security, crackers are also known as
(a) black hat hackers
(b) white hat hackers
(c) elite hackers
(d) script kiddie
Answer: a

24) DuckDuckGo is a
(a) search engine
(b) Web browser
(c) virus
(d) news Web site
Answer: a

25) Ethernet is an example of
(a) MAN
(b) LAN
(c) WAN
(d) Wi-Fi
Answer: b

26) A modem converts
(a) analog signals into digital signals
(b) digital signals into analog signals
(c) Both (A) and (B)
(d) None of the above
Answer: c

27) Which of the following Acts introduced the ‘Principle of Constitutional Autocracy’?
(a) The Indian Councils Act of 1909
(b) The Government of India Act of 1919
(c) The Government of India Act of 1935
(d) The Indian Independence Act of 1947
Answer: c

28) Ghazi Malik was the founder of which dynasty?
(a) Tughlaq
(b) Khilji
(c) Sayyid
(d) Lodi
Answer: a

29) Who is called the ‘Father of Indian Archaeology’?
(a) Alexander Cunningham
(b) John Marshall
(c) Mortimer Wheeler
(d) James Prinsep
Answer: a

30) Who adorned Ram Mohan Roy with the title of ‘Raja’?
(a) Aurangzeb
(b) Robert Clive
(c) Mahatma Gandhi
(d) Mughal Emperor Akbar II
Answer: d

31) The Act of 1909 was associated with
(a) the introduction of separate electorate
(b) decentralization
(c) dyarchy
(d) legislative councils
Answer: a

32) Whom had Muhammad Ghori defeated in 1194 in the Battle of Chandawar?
(a) Kumarpal
(b) Jaichand
(c) Govindraj
(d) Bhim II
Answer: b

33) Which dynasty of Delhi Sultanate ruled for the shortest period?
(a) Khilji
(b) Tughlaq
(c) Sayyid
(d) Lodi
Answer: a

34) An important event of Lord Dufferin’s tenure as Viceroy was
(a) establishment of Ramakrishna Mission
(b) establishment of Muslim League in Dhaka
(c) establishment of Indian National Congress
(d) beginning of the first Census
Answer: c

35) Who among the following was the youngest person to become the President of the Indian National Congress?
(a) Jawaharlal Nehru
(b) Abul Kalam Azad
(c) Ananda Mohan Bose
(d) Bhupendra Nath Bose
Answer: b

36) From which year was regular and scientific Census started in India?
(a) 1861
(b) 1871
(c) 1881
(d) 1891
Answer: c

37) Who among the following had not participated in the Second Round Table Conference?
(a) Mahadev Desai
(b) Pyarelal Nayyar
(c) Madan Mohan Malaviya
(d) Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer: d

38) Which of the following countries does not form the border with the Caspian Sea?
(a) Azerbaijan
(b) Iran
(c) Iraq
(d) Kazakhstan
Answer: c
39) What is Kayal?
(a) Terai Plain
(b) Ganges Delta
(c) Regur of Deccan Plateau
(d) Lagoon of Kerala
Answer: d

40) Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
(a) Canyon-River
(b) Zeugen-Wind
(c) Inselberg-Glacier
(d) Moraine-Glacier
Answer: c

41) Stromboli is a/an
(a) dormant volcano
(b) active volcano
(c) extinct volcano
(d) None of the above
Answer: b

42) In which year was the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Act enforced?
(a) 1980
(b) 1974
(c) 1981
(d) None of the above
Answer: b

43) According to 2011 Census, the density of population in India was
(a) 325
(b) 335
(c) 382
(d) 385
Answer: c

44) Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
(a) Lipulekh – Uttarakhand
(b) Nathu La-Arunachal Pradesh
(c) Rohtang – Himachal Pradesh
(d) Palghat-Kerala
Answer: b

45) Peneplain is related to
(a) wind
(b) underground water
(c) glacier
(d) river
Answer: d

46) Which of the following regions is the original habitat of the ‘Toda Tribe”?
(a) Jaunsar Hills
(b) Garo Hills
(c) Nilgiri Hills
(d) Jaintia Hills
Answer: c

47) Where is Ras Tanura Oil Refinery located?
(a) Iran
(b) The United States of America
(c) Saudi Arabia
(d) Iraq
Answer: c

48) What is the botanical name of opium?
(a) Emblica Officinalis
(b) Papaver somniferum
(c) Rauwolfia serpentina
(d) Cinchona sp.
Answer: b

49) Smallpox was declared eradicated from the world in
(a) 1975
(b) 1980
(c) 1996
(d) 2008
Answer: b

50) A bacteriophage is a
(a) bacterium with a tail
(b) newly formed bacterium
(c) bacterium infecting virus
(d) virus infecting bacterium
Answer: d

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