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SSC CHSL Questions Asked: 2016 - 2017 Tier I Exam (All Slot)

SSC CHSL 2016 Tier I Exam Questions Asked in Different Shifts

General Awareness 

1.       Deepika kumari which game related? Archery.
2.      Taj mahal built by shahjahan for which queen? Mumtaj mahal.
3.      River's water ppm value----?
4.      Tahri dam is built at which river? Bhagirathi
5.      Haryana does not share boundary with which states? MP
6.      Baking soda formula? NaHCO3
7.      Which metal is liquid form in room temp? hg
8.     How many times can a person become PM of country?
9.      Which is a scalar quantity?Ans. E (modulus of Elasticity)
10.  Ellora caves are in which state?Maharashtra
11.   Arya samaj founder? Raja Ram Mohan
12.  Total amount (rupees) produced by a country and income is called?
13.  Barograph made by?
14.  Dwarf planet in Solar system? Pluto
15.   Which are found in atom in pair? Neutron and proton
16.  Questions from scientific name of fruit
17.   Question on scientific name of water mammals
18.  Arthshathra written by? Chanakya
19.  4 bits equal to? 1 nibble
20. Which vitamin helps in Blood clotting ? Vitamin K
21.  What is 5 in BOD5 ? 5 Days (Test has run for Days)
22. In which year, First World War Begins ? 1914

23. Name the catalyst used in turning milk into curd?
24. Which Indian state has the maximum forest land? Madhya Pradesh
25.  What makes Kahna Park Famous ?
26. Questions based on Newton's law ?
27.  In which Region we find Bodo Tribes? North-East
28. Who built Bibi Mahal ? Azam shah
29. How much is demand of Biological Oxygen?
30. Oscar Award 2016 Best Supporting Actress is won by ? Alacia Vikander
31.  Which is the highest grosser Hollywood movie ever ? Gone with the wind
32. Who discovered Seismology ? Inge Lehmann
33. Which is the longest day in hemisphere?
34. Prithvi Raj raso is authored by ?
35.  What is displacement ?
36. What is source of Plant's energy ?
37.  Where is Nalanda University Located ? Bihar
38. Who invented Electric Tram
39. Theory of Relativity is given by ? Albert Einstien
40. Which planet of Solar system is hottest ? Venus
41.  Where is desert festival celebrated in India? Rajasthan
42. How much is the term period of Rajya Sabha Members? 6 years
43. Which device is used for measuring the Depth of Ocean? Fathometer
44. Who gave the Term "Exology"?
45.  Who authored "Glimpse of History"? Jawahar Lal Nehru
46. Who assassinated Mahatama Gandhi ?
47.  Nathu Ram Ghodse
48. Pablo Picasso is native of which country ? Spain
49. Who built the world famous Konark Sum Temple in Orissa? King Narsimhadeva
50. Nepali Language is spoken by ?
51.   Who invented Electric Chair ? Alfred. P Southwick
52.  Who wrote "Live a Life Less Ordinary"? Baby Halder
53.  What is strength of Rajya Sabha? 245
54.  With Which game K Srikanth is related to ? Cricket
55.  What is Study of Universe called ? Cosmology
56.  One Question is asked on Hitler
57.  Who first found Nitrogen gas ?

58. Who played role of Gandhi in Oscar winning movie Gandhi? Ben Kingsley
59.  Who wrote the book Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule in 1909? Mohandas K. Gandhi
60. What is the velocity of object at maximum height? Zero (vertical velocity)
61.  Where is Ranthambore fort situated? Rajasthan
62. Chromite is the ore of which metal? Chromium
63. What is stagflation? Persistent high inflation combined with high unemployment and stagnant demand in a country’s economy.
64. Fundamental Duties in the Indian Constitution were borrowed from which country? USSR
65.  Dogri is the language of which state? Jammu and Kashmir
66. Azadirachta indica is the scientific name for which tree? –Neem
67.  Which actress won the Oscar in 2016 for Best Actress in a Leading Role? –Brie Larson (for the movie Room)
68. Which fundamental right cannot be suspended? Right to Life and Personal Liberty (Art.21)
69. If same force is applied on two diff body whose masses are different, what will be same: Acceleration, Velocity, Kinetic Energy, Momentum? – acceleration (because F is directly proportional to the rate of change of velocity i.e. acceleration. On the other hand, KE and momentum are both dependent on mass. Since masses are different, these values will be different)
70. What is the full form of PVC? Polyvinyl chloride
71.   What is the name of the eldest Pandava brother? Yudhistir
72.  Oncogene gene is responsible for? Cancers & Tumours.
73.  Who won the 2016 Oscar for the Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role? Mark Rylance (for the movie Bridge of Spies)
74.  Chittorgarh Fort is located in which state? Rajasthan
75.  Who invented the Steam Engine? Thomas Savery / James Watt
76.  Who was the son on Babur? Humayun
77.  Who was the father of Prithviraj Chauhan? Someshwar Chauhan
78. Who was the first Indian Woman to win an Olympic Medal? Karnam Malleshwari for (Weightlifting)
79.  Who discovered Bacteria? Antony Van Leeuwenhoek
80.Shabana Azmi is not (Activist/Actor/Dancer)? Dancer.
81.  How many Rajya Sabha Members can the President appoint? 12
82. Who is the author of ‘Ignited Minds’? Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
83. Mohiniyattam dance belongs to which state? Kerala.
84. Which planet is also called the “red planet”? Mars
85. Which part of the brain forms the continuation of the spinal cord within the skull? Medulla Oblongata
86. Number of official languages in India? 22.
87. Chandragiri fort is located in? Andhra Pradesh.
88.Turquoise is a mineral of hydrated phosphate of? Copper and Aluminum.
89. Whom did Alexander the Great defeat? Porus
90. What is Mycology the study of? Fungi
91.  What is Gir National Park famous for? Asiatic Lions
92. Which book did Nelson Mandela write? Long Walk to Freedom/ Conversations with Myself
93. What is Article 343 known for? Official Languages of India
94. What is celloulose made of? Polysaccharides
95.  What is the glowing part of sun called? Photosphere
96. When does the sun fall exactly on equator? 20th March & 23rd September
97.  Who built the Agra Fort? Akbar (completed by Shah Jahan)
98. Who won the Ramon Magsaysay award in 2016? Thodur Madabusi Krishna (of India) & Bezwada Wilson (of India)
99. First Bollywood star to be featured on the Time Magazine? Parveen Babi.
100. Sun rays reach the earth in? 8 minutes 20 sec.
101. Malayalam is spoken in which state? Kerala.
102.Headquarters of ICC is located in? Dubai, UAE.
103.Who invented Electroscope? Jean-Antoine Nollet
104. PDF Abbreviation? – Portable Document Format.
105. From which country was the concept of bicameral legislation borrowed by India? UK
106. Chand Bibi was the ruler of? Bijapur & Ahmednagar
107.The book “12 years a slave” was written by? Solomon Northup
108.Who won the Oscar for Best Director in 2016? Alejandro González Iñárritu
109. Maithili language is spoken in which state? Bihar
110.When is Olympic Day? June 23rd

111.Mangifera Indica is the scientific name of? Mango

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