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MPSC 2017 Solved Paper 2 Download

MPSC Solved Paper 2 Pdf Download

MPSC Paper 2 Answer Key 2017
51) In a class 43 students, 13 enrolled for both Spanish and Portuguese, 21 enrolled for Portuguese. If the students of the class enrolled for at least one of the two subjects, then select the option that indicates the number of students who enrolled only for Spanish and not Portuguese.
(a)  35
(b)  22
(c)  28
(d)  32

52) Study the accompanying figure, with a circle inscribed in a square, that is inscribed in a larger circle and select the option which indicates the ratio of the larger circle to that of the smaller circle.

(a) 2
(b)  2
(c)  2π
(d)  π/2
53) In order to buy a lift pump for his well, Sunil borrowed Rs.16,000 for 3 years at the rate of compound interest of 12)5 p.c.p.a. What would have been the difference in the interest on this principal had he borrowed it at simple interest?
(a)  Rs. 78 1.25
(b)  Rs.718.50
(c) Rs.678.25  
(d)  Rs.687.25

54) Select the appropriate option with respect to the given information.
Parks A, B and C lie in a plane but do not lie on a straight line. The distance between Parks A and B is 40 km and the distance between Parks A and C is 110 km
Quantity X = Distance between parks B and C
Quantity Y = 60 km
(a)  Quantity X is greater
(b)  Quantity Y is greater
(c)  The two quantities are equal
(d)  The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.

55) A can contains a mixture of two liquids A and B in the ratio 7 : 5. When 9 litres of the mixture is drawn off and the can is filled with B, the ratio of A and B becomes 7 : 9. How many litres of liquid A was contained by the can initially?
(a)  10 litres
(b)  20 litres
(c)  21 litres
(d)  25 litres

56) Six bells commence tolling together and toll at intervals of 2 , 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 seconds respectively. In 30 minutes , how many times do they toll together?
(a) 4
(b)  10
(c)  15
(d)  16

57) Replace the question mark choosing the correct alternative

(a)  23.57
(b)  32.57
(c)  22.57
(d)  24.57

58) Replace the question mark choosing the correct alternative.

(a)  327

(b)  158

(c) 237

(d)  815

59) If 3 less than twice a certain number is equal to 2 more than 3 times the number then select the option that is 5 less than 5 times the number.
(a)  0
(b)  -5
(c)  -30
(d)  20

60) Select logically appropriate option to replace the question mark.

Ans: 4

61) Select the fold of transparent  sheet X from the given options

Ans: 4

62) Study the information and relationship given and select the option that shows it.
x + y represents that x is the mother of y.
x – y represents that x is the brother of y.
x ÷ y represents that x is the sister of y.
x  x  y represents that x is the brother of y.

m + n – o x p  ÷ q

(a)  All persons are siblings
(b)  m, n, o, q are the children of p
(c) m, n, o are the children of p an q
(d)  m, n, o, p are the children of q

63) Select the logical option for the empty place.

Ans: 4
64) Suma, Bano and Jack , each have prepared their own English alphabets , digits and other symbols series as follows :
Suma : 6, %, 1, # , 9 H, E , 2, Ω, , L, F, φ

Bano : @, 7, 3, ∫, A , J, ∂,  X, 4,  C, +

Jack : P, $, 8, Y, 0 , N , 5, D, >, = ,  T.

They have devised a play of forming groups of three elements with the following rules. No element will be repeated, Bano is supposed to move alphabets by starting from the right end of her series , Jack is supposed to move elements of digital from the right end of her series. They moved their elements according to their serial order each time. Select the group that ends their play.
(a)  [X, Ω, 8 ]
(b)  [C, Ω, 5]
(c)  [J, , 0]
(d)  [X, 8 %]

65) Study the map of roads that connect cities A, B, C, D and E as shown in the accompanying figure. Design the route such that you start from any city of your choice and walk on each of the seven routes once and only once , not necessarily returning to the city from which you had started. For a route that satisfy the given restriction , select the true statement from the given list.

(a)  None of the routes satisfies the given restrictions.
(b)  D can be only intermediate colony in the route
(c)  The route has necessarily to be ended at E
(d)  A route can either start at C or end at C but not both.

66) In a certain game, the players have three chances during each turn to earn points. Each consecutive win awards more points than the previous win. The second win awards 100 points more than the first and the third win awards twice as many points as the second win. Lachhi won the maximum number of points during her turn and received a total of 700 points. Select the option which indicates the number of points that are first won.
(a)  45
(b)  50
(c)  75
(d)  100

67) Two students ‘X’ and ‘Y’ started walking from their school to reach their homes. They walked in directions opposite to each other for  1)5 km and then each one turned to his right and walked 2 km and reached home. What is the distance between their homes ?
(a)  7 km
(b)  6 km
(c)  8 km
(d)  5 km

68) Study the situation given with a blank and the list of words. Select the pair of words such that each of these when used for blank, fit the meaning of the description as a whole and produce completed descriptions having similar meaning.
The  _______ life forms evolved naturally on the land made barren by volcano is strong evidence that humans too might be able to inhabit the area in the distant future.
1) wilting
2) nascent
3) waning
4) incipient
5) stagnant
(a)  2 and 4
(b)  2 and 5
(c)  1 and 3
(d)  1 and 4

69) Three statements and conclusions based on these are given below.  Select the appropriate option with valid conclusion/s.
All Bs are Js. Some Cs are Js . All Ps are Cs
Conclusions :
1) Some Cs are Bs
2) No P is J
3) Some Bs are Cs
(a)  Only 1 and 2
(b)  Only 2 and 3
(c)  All
(d)  None

70) In a class , there are 15 boys and 10 girls. Three students are to be selected at random. The probability that 1 girl and 2 boys are selected is
(a)  21/46
(b)  25/117
(c)  1/50
(d)  3/25
71) You wanted to employ a hardworking gardener for your second home. Your friend gave names of the persons; Jeda, Muta and Haka and informed you that one always tells the truth, another tells the truth alternately and the third always lies.
After meeting them you asked, “Who among you is a gardener?” Each one answered as follow :
Jeda : I am the gardener. Muta is a liar
Muta : I am the gardener. Haka is a liar
Haka : Muta is the gardener. Jeda is a liar.

Who is/are the gardeners[s]?
(a) Jeda
(b)  Muta
(c) Haka
(d)  Both Jeda and Haka

72) Select the odd option with respect to the role of the last sentence in the following paragraph:
Pluto’s moon Charon may be significantly reducing the loss of atmosphere of the icy planet by creating a shield and redirecting much of the solar wind away. Pluto’s relationship with Charon is one of the more unusual interactions in the solar system due to the moon’s size and proximity. This moon is more than half of Pluto’s diameter and orbits only 19,310 kilometers away. You know that our moon is three times closer to the Earth and as large as Mars.
(a) Make unfamiliar familiar
(b)  Suspects the claim made
(c)  Put into perspective Pluto’s relationship with Charon
(d)  Help to picturize Pluto’s relationship with Charon

73) Given below are two statements X and Y are arguments related to these follow.
Consider each arguments separately and select all that apply.
Drawings made by Leonardo da Vinci in 1508 of the internal parts of the human body shows mesentery as an organ.
In January 207, mesentery is declared as the new 79th organ of the human body by researchers by studying it in detail.
Arguments :
1) They can be considered as logically inconsistent since people were aware of presence of mesentery in 16th century and Vinci’s drawing gives evidence of it.
2) They can be considered as contradictory because though researchers declared mesentery as a new organ people knew its presence in the human body for at least 5 centuries.
3) They are complementary as researchers gave recognition to already known mesentery by calling it the 79th organ of the human body after studying it in detail.
(a) Only 1
(b) Either 1 or 2
(c) All except 3
(d)  All

74) The committee on sexual discrimination in the workplace has highlighted a certain company as a chief offender. Of the twenty-five senior executives in the firm, only two are women. And of the fifty eight junior executives only ten are female.
(a)  they pay the same salary to senior men and senior women
(b)  ten times more men than women apply for jobs with the company
(c) the work pressure and long hours make jobs with the company unattractive to married women
(d)  all job applicants who were rejected had fewer qualifications than those accepted.

75) Given here is a set of facts and courses of action are suggested after these. Choose the most appropriate  option related to these.
A suicide by farmers has become daily routine
All related predictions are getting weird due to changing climatic conditions.
Consumer biased media are in the forefront in creating hype over increasing prices.
New practices like remote sensing agriculture based on accurate analysis, nutri agriculture , variable fertilizer application agriculture, knowledge facilities like wind mapping, yield mapping, water quality mapping , etc., are in vogue but farmers are not aware about these.

Courses of actions :
1) Government , voluntary organizations and agricultural universities should work in collaboration for preparing a squad of intelligent, technically skilled., hardworking and honest agricultural assistants for empowering farmers to use new agricultural ways of producing safe food.
2) Quality produce should be distributed in order to gain appropriate price with the initiative and collaboration of farmers, self-help groups and consumers and at the same time government should plan policies for maintaining quality of sources of air, water, soil, various ecosystems and prevent their deterioration.
3) Government should assist political parties capaciously which are toiling for giving relief to farmers by waiving off their loans and giving them relief.
(a)  All the three, farmers, farming and consumers will be benefitted only if all three courses of actions are implemented.
(b)  Only 3 can be implemented urgently and is beneficial for all.
(c)  Courses of actions only 1 and b being complementary with each other , if implemented together, farming and in turn economy will prosper.
(d)  Other occupations will prosper along with farming only by implementing 1 and preventing implementation of 2)

76) Recently you have started voluntarily assisting people to give  up their tobacco and alcohol addiction and lead a healthy life. As a lay person you always thought that the people get addicted with tobacco or alcohol because of friends, relatives , out of curiosity and enjoyment but recently you came to know that most of the people employed as sanitation workers take to these habits to manage stress  and ailments as the unbearable smell, loathsome thoughts due to handling of dirt, and experiencing feeling of discomfort all the time. This made you to rethink about their plight by plight by putting yourself in their shoes . You will,
(a)  not try to convince these people to give up their addictions hereafter
(b)  collect funds needed to make their life better by providing them necessary tools that they are not getting at present.
(c)  form an active group of persons and organisations who are genuinely interested and recycling of all sorts of dirt.
(d)  make arrangements for counselling these people with the help of professional experts.

77) You are heading a government mission that aims at making innovations work and providing better government services for people in rural areas. Many young management school students are recruited to assist you. These persons are enthusiastic, come up with brilliant ideas, are techno savvy, give amazing presentations using their eloquence and communication skills, and are highly assertive. At the same time majority of them being city dwellers for all their life, are from affluent middle-class families , and are little aware of the plight of people living with various kinds of scarcities and their marginalization due to social dogmas. They lack realities of the life of the majority people in rural areas and helping them to take initiatives in making their life better. You will,
(a) make them realise that this mission is not for selling anything and make people addicted to buy unnecessary commodities and they need to work with people in different parts of rural areas and understand their life and aspirations.
(b) let them work with their ideas for some weeks using little portion of funds available and give them a chance to improvise their ideas or come up with realistic and down to earth ideas.
(c)  arrange field work based training for these persons with organisations that are experienced in doing constructive work in rural areas for empowering people to work  together for development of the society that they belong to
(d)  Instead of wasting time on the hi-fi ideas of better life of young recruits you ask them work on some peripheral targets, and you go ahead with your experienced colleagues for making the mission successful.

78) You are a member of a team of experts that is responsible for conducting the workshops for heads of the institutions in different States. While designing the programme and work schedule it was suggested by some of the members that the team should request the host office for arranging a visit of all team members to the famous temples that is 300 km away from the place. You will,
(a)  request the members giving this suggestion to contact the person of the host office for arranging this visit.
(b)  request the members who are interested in visiting the temple to work out this plan by contacting the person from the host office and telling them that you are not joining them.
(c)  suggest to the members to arrange the temple visit after completing the workshop and not during the workshop period as it is against ethics.
(d) tell the members that some RTI workers are interested in knowing this workshop programme and request them not to ask for arranging the temple visit.

79) You were an avid dhol player as a teenager. You did not play it for few years till now as you were busy with acquiring professional skills. At present, you are in charge of solving the city’s pollution problems including noise pollution. A group of young persons approached you to permit them to practice and play dhol for a festival to be celebrated during next month and earn some money. Similarly , another group of young persons already approached you with the problem of noise pollution in the city with scientifically collected evidence. You will
(a)  permit the dhol group to practice and play for few hours during the day only and request the other group to bear with the noise pollution for few months of the year and allow the group to propagate the age  old culture.
(b)  request some responsible NGO to organise a workshop for all dhol groups for helping them to understand the problem of noise pollution and assist them in solving their problems related to earning money.
(c) organise a campaign for making people aware of the problems of noise pollution by working in collaboration  with health department, police department  and NGOs.
(d)  organise a meeting with leaders of both the groups and request them to settle the problem of preserving culture and prevention of noise pollution.
80) You are the head of the  hospital that provides services to one of the government organisation. You have received a written complaint from one of the employees stating that he is having a terrible pain in the throat and he did not eat solid food for the last three days. He further stated that he is not given proper treatment for two reasons; one is that he is from a reserved group and secondly he is not working on the higher designation. As  a head you know that there is some truth in this complaint. For sorting out the things you will,
(a)  diagnose the patient and direct him to the concerned specialist for further treatment and supervise this treatment till he is satisfied.
(b)  call up the meeting of your colleagues and subordinates and discuss the seriousness of the illness of this patient and charges made by him.
(c) request the patient not to take this matter seriously and assurer him that you will look into this problem as soon as time permits.
(d)  ask the concerned doctor to look into the complaint and request him or her to sort out the matter at a personal level.

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