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UKPSC PCS 2016 Prelims Key Paper 1

2016 UKPSC Answer Key

1) James Andrew Ramsay was the real name of which Governor-General of India
(a) Lord Dalhousie
(b) Lord Carling
(c) Lord North
(d) Lord Culton
Answer: a

2) Who was the Governor-General of India during the revolt of 1857?
(a) Lord Hastings
(b) Lord Canning
(c) Lord Amherst
(d) Lord Auckland
Answer: b

3) ‘Hindustan Socialist Republican Army’ was formed in the year
(a) 1919
(b) 1927
(c) 1916
(d) 1928
Answer: d

4) Who among the following was not associated with the Kakori incident?
(a) Ram Prasad Bismil
(b) Surya Sen
(c) Rajendra Lahiri
(d) Ashfaq Ullah
Answer: b

5) Which one of the following is not the ancient race of Uttarakhand?
(a) Yaksha
(b) Nag
(c) Kashi
(d) Kinoar
Answer: c

6) Battle of Khurbura was fought in the year
(a) 1800 A.D.
(b) 1804 A.D.
(c) 1710 A.D.
(d) 1805 A.D.
Answer: b

7) Who demanded the separate Administrative Division for hill area in 1946 A.D?
(a) Sridev Suman
(b) Badridutt Pande
(c) P.C.Joshi
(d) Manvendra Shah
Answer: b

8) The Teaty of Sigauli took place in the year
(a) 1800 A.D.
(b) 1803 A.D.
(c) 1805 A.D.
(d) 1815 A.D.
Answer: d

9) Under whose leadership the movement against deforestation was launched in the Raini village of Chamoli?
(a) Sunder Lal Bahuguna
(b) Chandi Prasad Bhatt
(c) Gaura Devi
(d) Kalyan Rawat
Answer: c

10) Who was the founder of Parmar Dynasty?
(a) Ajai Pal
(b) Kanak Pal
(c) Kanak Rao
(d) Jagat – Pal
Answer: b

11) Which one of the following is not an old folded mountain?
(a) Ural mountain
(b) Aravali mountain
(c) Andes mountain
(d) Appalachian mountain
Answer: c

12) Which of the following is a Basic landform?
(a) Volcanic cone
(b) Residual mountain
(c) Monadnock
(d) Erosional waterfall
Answer: a

13) Maximum Coastal erosion is caused by
(a) Waves
(b) Tides
(c) Currents
(d) Tsunami waves
Answer: a

14) Which is the lowest layer of the Atmosphere?
(a) Stratosphere
(b) Ozonosphere
(c) Ionosphere
(d) Troposphere
Answer: d

15) The equatorial circumference of the Earth is nearly
(a) 31,000 km
(b) 40,000 km
(c) 50,000 km
(d) 64,000 km
Answer: b

16) Which one of the following Oceanic currents is not associated with the Pacific Ocean?
(a) Canaries
(b) Kuroshio
(c) California
(d) Humboldt
Answer: a

17) In which year was the SAPTA (South Asian Preferential Trade Agreement) constituted?
(a) 1977
(b) 1993
(c) 1985
(d) 1996
Answer: b

18) Which one of the following is not a natural unit of time?
(a) Tropical year
(b) Lunar month
(c) Standard time
(d) Day
Answer: c

19) Clouds are the result of
(a) Evaporation
(b) Normal Temp
(c) Catabatic lapse rate
(d) Condensation
Answer: d

20) Which one of the following pairs is incorrect?
(a) Dodi Tal  – Uttarkashi
(b) Devriyan Tal – Tehri
(c) Beni Tal – Chamoli
(d) Basuki Tal – Rudra Prayag
Answer: b

21) Where is Khatling glacier situated?
(a) Tehri – Garhwal District
(b) Uttarkashi District
(c) Chamoli District
(d) Pitholhgarh District
Answer: a

22) Eastern Dhauliganga (Poorvi Dhaulinganga) is a tributary of
(a) Alaknanda
(b) Kali river
(c) Gontil river
(d) Sharda river
Answer: b

23) Which of the following National Parks of Uttrakhand has been included in ‘Project Tiger Scheme’ in 2016?
(a) Govind National park
(b) Gangotri National Park
(c) Rajaji National Park
(d) Corbet National Park
Answer: c
24) Where in Uttarakhand is the ‘Kaliasaur Landslide Zone’ situated?
(a) Between Chamba and Narendra Nagar
(b) Between Kotdwara and Dogadda
(c) Between Agastyamuni and Guptkashi
(d) Between Srinagar and Rudra Prayag
Answer: d

25) Which association shows correct sequence of sanctuaries from west to east location in Uttarakhand?
(a) Kedarnath – Askot – Nanda Devi – Binsar
(b) Kedarnath – Nanda Devi – Askot – Binsar
(c) Kedarnath – Nanda Devi – Binsar – Askot
(d) Nanda Devi – Kedarnath – Binsar – Askot
Answer: c

26) Match List – I with List –II and select the correct answer by using the code given below:
List –I [Doab]
Bist Doab
Bari Doab
Rachna Doab
Chai Doab
List-II [Rivers]
Between Ravi and Chenab
Between Ravi and Beas
Between Beas and Satluj
Between Chenab and Jhelum
Codes :
(a) iii ii i iv
(b) i ii iii iv
(c) iv iii ii i
(d) i iv ii iii
Answer: a

27) Which of the following is considered a ‘hot-spot’ of biodiversity in India?
(a) Aravalli hills
(b) Indo-Gangetic plan
(c) Eastern Ghats
(d) Western Ghats
Answer: d

28) As per Koppen’s classification of climate, which one of the following is the suitable description of North-East India including North Bengal?
(a) Tropical monsoon rainforest (Amw)
(b) Sub-tropical monsoon rainforest (Am)
(c) Tropical wet and dry climate (Monsoon Savannah) (Aw)
(d) Humid sub-tropical climate with dry winter (Cwg)
Answer: d

29) Match List- I with List-II select the correct answer
List-I [Source Region]
Brahmgiri Hills
Verinag Spring
Chhota Nagpur Plateau
List-II [ River]
iii. Krishna
Codes :
(a) iv iii ii i
(b) i ii iii iv
(c) ii i iv iii
(d) iii ii i iv
Answer: b

30) Which is the longest river in Peninsular India?
(a) Krishna
(b) Narmada
(c) Godavari
(d) Mahanadi
Answer: c

31) Which State in India has the largest extent of irrigation [percent]?
(a) Punjab
(b) Uttar Pradesh
(c) Haryana
(d) Madhya Pradesh
Answer: a

32) Indian Satellite series which is being used for telecommunication system is
(a) Rohini
(b) I.R.S
Answer: d

33) What is Dakshin Gangotri?
(a) River Valley in Andhra Pradesh
(b) Indian Research Station in Antarctica
(c) Second source of river Ganga in the South of Gangotri
(d) Island in the Indian Ocean near Antartica
Answer: b

34) The sea coast of Tamil Nadu is known as
(a) Circar coast
(b) Konkan coast
(c) Malabar coast
(d) Coromandal coast
Answer: d

35) Which group of States receives water from the Bhakhara Nangal project?
(a) Jammu & Kashmir , Haryana, Punjab
(b) H.P. , Punjab, Haryana
(c) Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan
(d) Haryana, U.P., Rajasthan
Answer: c

36) According to which Article of Constitution of India, the Chief Minister is appointed by the Governor of a State?
(a) Article 163
(b) Article 164
(c) Article 165
(d) Article 166
Answer: b

37) How many members of Lok Sabha are elected from Uttarakhand?
(a) 4
(b) 5
(c) 6
(d) 7
Answer: b

38) How many nominated members are there in the Legislative Assembly of Uttarakhand [2016]?
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 4
Answer: a

39) The Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration is located in
(a) Delhi
(b) Nainital
(c) Mussoorie
(d) Hyderabad
Answer: c

40) Who was the first Chairman of Uttarakhand Public Service Commission ?
(a) Shri A.P.Navani
(b)  Shri A.K. Dass
(c) Lt. Gen.G.S.Negi
(d) Lt.Gen.M.C.Bhandari
Answer: a

41) Who among the following was the Lady Governor of Uttarkhand?
(a) Ms.Kamla Beniwal
(b) Ms.Mridula Sinha
(c) Ms. Margret Alva
(d) Ms. Sheila Dikshit
Answer: c

42) Which of the following institutes are considered necessity to promote “Unity in diversity” in the Indian Federalism?
(a) Inter-State Councils & National Development Council
(b) Finance Commission & Regional Council
(c) Unitary Judicial System & All India Services
(d) All of the above
Answer: d

43) According to which Article of the Constitution the state of Jammu and Kashmir has got a special status?
(a) Article 13 [II] & 14
(b) Article 14 & 15
(c) Article 15 [IV] & 16[IV]
(d) Article 17 & 18
Answer: d

44) The provisions of reservation for O.B.C is made in the Constitution under which Article ?
(a) Article 13[II] & 14
(b) Article 14 & 15
(c) Article 15 [IV] & 16[IV]
(d) Article 17 & 18
Answer: c

45) Which Article of the Constitution of Indian Republic relates to the Protection of Life and Personal Liberty?
(a) Article 19
(b) Article 21
(c) Article 20
(d) Article 22
Answer: b
46) Under which Article of the Constitution the Separate Scheduled Tribe Commission was established?
(a) 337
(b) 338
(c) 338-A
(d) 340
Answer: c

47) The demand for democratisation of U.N.O is mainly related to
(a) General Assembly
(b) Economic and Social Council
(c) Security Council
(d) Trusteeship Council
Answer: c

48) In which year, for the first time, SAARC meet was organised in India?
(a) 1986
(b) 1995
(c) 2007
(d) None of the above
Answer: a

49) In the year 1997, the World Environment Conference was organised in
(a) Reo-de-Janeiro
(b) Nairobi
(c) Kyoto
(d) New York
Answer: c

50) The Nuclear doctrine of India contains
(a) No first use
(b) Unilateral moratorium
(c) Minimum Credible deterrence
(d) All of the above
Answer: d

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