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101) “Red Data Book” is published by
(b) IUCN
(c) WWF
(d) IG-BP
Answer: b

102) In Uttarakhand, Oak – Rhododendron are characteristic plants of
(a) Sub-tropical forest
(b) Sub-alpine forest
(c) Temperate forest
(d) All of the above
Answer: c

103) Maintenance of genetic diversity in National Parks is done by
(a) In-situ conservation
(b) Ex-situ conservation
(c) Gene pool
(d) None of the above
Answer: a

104) First National Park of India is
(a) Nanda Devi National Park
(b) Jim Corbett National Park
(c) Rajaji National Park
(d) Kanha National Park
Answer: b

105) Which one is an example of “Parallel Cropping”?
(a) Potato + Rice
(b)  Wheat + Mustard
(c)  Cotton + Wheat
(d) Sugarcane + Potato
Answer: c

106) Which of the following is an Operating System?
(a) UNIX
(b) JAVA
Answer: a

107) Which of the following is an extremely fast small memory between CPU and main memory?
(a) Main RAM and ROM
(b) Cache memory
(c) Secondary memory
(d) None of the above
Answer: b

108) Television transmission is an example of which of the following?
(a) Simplex Communication
(b) Half-duplex Communication
(c) Full-duplex Communication
(d) None of the above
Answer: a

109) The set of protocols, which defines all transmission exchanges across the internet is called?
(b) TCP/IP
(c) FDDI
(d) None of the above
Answer: b

110) Which of the following is not offered as an independent service layers in Cloud Computing?
(a) Hardware as a service
(b) Platform as a service
(c) Software as a service
(d) Infrastructure as a service
Answer: a

111) When did Tehri State merge with the Indian Union?
(a) 1st August, 1949
(b) 15th August, 1947
(c) 20th January, 1950
(d) 26th January , 1952
Answer: a

112) In Mahabharat by what name were the Kuninda-kings known?
(a) Sarvasrestha
(b) Madhyam
(c) Dwij Srestha
(d) Dwij
Answer: c

113) What is the historical name of Uttarkashi?
(a) Govishan
(b) Gangadwar
(c) Brahmpur
(d) Barahat
Answer: d

114) What are Kingri-Wingri, Neeti – Mana?
(a) Passes
(b) Rivers
(c) Mountains
(d) Religious places
Answer: a

115) To which of the following games in Chirag Sen related?
(a) Cricket
(b) Football
(c) Badminton
(d) Hockey
Answer: c

116) Where is ‘Mauna-fair’ held?
(a) Uttarkashi
(b) Palipachau, Jaunsar, Rawai
(c) Chamoli
(d) Ranikhet
Answer: b

117) Who had founded the “Tehri Rajya Praja Mandal”?
(a) Sri Deo Suman
(b) Badri Dutt Pandey
(c) Vir Chandra Singh Garhwali
(d) Indra Mani Budoni
Answer: a

118) In which state of India is the Neutrino Observatory being established?
(a) Kerala
(b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Karnataka
(d) Maharashtra
Answer: b

119) In which event Deepa Malik won a silver medal at the Rio Paralympics?
(a) Javellin Throw
(b) Discuss Throw
(c) Hammer Throw
(d) Shot Put
Answer: d

120) NASA’s ‘Cassini’ spacecraft is on a mission for which planet?
(a) Jupiter
(b) Mars
(c) Saturn
(d) Venus
Answer: c

121) In which year was the Collegium system —
(a) 1993
(b) 1996
(c) 2000
(d) 2004
Answer: a

122) Which country has the world’s longest network of bullet train?
(a) Russia
(b) Japan
(c) USA
(d) China
Answer: d

123) Which Physician of Indian origin was honoured with the U.S National Humaneterioun Medal – 2015?
(a) Ranjit Bhushan
(b) Arifa Tehslin
(c) Abraham Verghese
(d) Sukefu Mehta
Answer: c
124) Which Indian Para-military force has the distinction of raising the first women’s battalion?
(a) CISF
(b) CRPF
(c) BSF
(d) ITBP
Answer: b

125) The “Kailash Saered Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative” [KSLCDI] is a collaboration among which three nations?
(a) India , Afghanistan, China
(b) India, Nepal, Afghanistan
(c) India, Nepal, Pakistan
(d) India, China, Nepal
Answer: d
126) Which is the first Private Sector Bank in India to use Software Robotics?
(a) ICIC Bank
(b) IDBI Bank
(c) Axis Bank
(d) Bandhan Bank
Answer: a

127) The financial instrument, through which Indian companies can raise money from overseas market in Rupees, is known as
(a) RBI Bonds
(b) Gold Bonds
(c) Masala Bonds
(d) Overseas Bonds
Answer: c

128) Who is the world’s first woman to receive the “Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea” from the International Maritime Organisation [L.M.O]?
(a) Sunitha Krishnan
(b) Irom Sharmila
(c) Richa Kar
(d) Radhika Menon
Answer: d

129) Who will be the Chief Guest at the 2017 – Republic Day celebrations?
(a) Crow Prince of Abu Dhabi
(b) Chancellor of Germany
(c) King of Saudi Arabia
(d) President of France
Answer: a

130) “Bathukamma” is the festival of which State?
(a) Odisha
(b) Telangana
(c) Gujarat
(d) Bihar
Answer: b

131) The book “Ace Against Odds” is an autobiography of:
(a) Leander Paes
(b) Somdev Devvarman
(c) Sania Mirza
(d) Mahesh Bhupathi
Answer: c

132) Which of the following was given the classical language status in 2014?
(a) Odiya
(b) Gujarati
(c) Dongari
(d) Bangla
Answer: a

133) Which year will India chair the prestigious G-20 forum?
(a) 2017
(b) 2018
(c) 2020
(d) 2022
Answer: b

134) The British scholar Jim O’Neill who coined the term ‘BRICS’ is related to which of the following subjects?
(a) Psychology
(b) Sociology
(c) Political Science
(d) Economics
Answer: d

135) Which Indian Scientist had the distinction of receiving not only the Nobel Prize but also the Bharat Ratna?
(a) Dr. Vikram Sarabhai
(b) Dr. J.C. Bose
(c) Dr.C.V.Raman
(d) Dr.Homi Jehangir Bhabha
Answer: c

136) Who of the following Gods was considered as War God in the Vedic Period?
(a) Varuna
(b) Indra
(c) Mitra
(d) Agni
Answer: b

137) Who was the founder of the Nanda Dynasty of Magadha
(a) Mahapadmananda
(b) Dhananda
(c) Nandivardhan
(d) Mahanandin
Answer: a

138) Who was called as “Sandrocottos” by Justin the Greek Writer?
(a) Chandragupta Maurya
(b) Chandragupta I
(c) Chandragupta II
(d) Samadragupta
Answer: a

139) Which one of the following places was not the centre of learning during early medieval period?
(a) Nalanda
(b) Vikramshila
(c) Taxila
(d) Uddantapur
Answer: c

140) The founder of Nyaya Philosophy was
(a) Kapil
(b) Kanad
(c) Gauttam
(d) Jaimini
Answer: c

141) The Horse Shoe arch was first introduced in the
(a) Tomb of Iltumish
(b) Tomb of Ghiyas – ud-din-Tughlaq
(c) Alai Darwazah
(d) Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque
Answer: c

142) Which of the following Sufi saints is known as Mahboob-i-Ilahi?
(a) Shaikh Muin –  ud-din Chishti
(b) Shaikh Nizam-ud-din-Auliya
(c) Baba Farid
(d) Shaikh Nasir-ud-din Chirag-i-Dehalvi
Answer: b

143) Sultan who raised the land revenue to fifty percent of the produce was
(a) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq
(b) Allauddin Khilji
(c) Firoz Shah Tughlaq
(d) Balban
Answer: b

144) Which one of the following buildings is known as ‘Shan-i-Fatehpur’?
(a) Buland Darwazah
(b) Tuky Sultana ka Mahal
(c) Jama Masjid
(d) Shahjadi Umber ka Mahal
Answer: c

145) Who wrote Tabaqat-i-Akbari?
(a) Abul Fazal
(b) Abdul Qadri Badanuni
(c) Akbar Khan Sarwani
(d) Nizam-ud-din Ahmed
Answer: d
146) Under which Sikh Guru the Sikhs were transformed into the ‘Khalsa’?
(a) Guru Teg Bahadur
(b) Guru Arjun
(c) Guru Govind Singh
(d) guru Nanak Dev
Answer: c

147) Which one of the followings is connected with ‘Blue Water’ policy?
(a) De Almeida
(b) Albuquerque
(c) Dupleix
(d) Robert Clive
Answer: a

148) Name the French Commander who was defeated in the battle of Wandiwash in 1760.
(a) Count Lally
(b) Francis Martin
(c) Dupleix
(d) None of the above
Answer: a

149) Which Act of British Parliament abolished the East India Company’s monopoly over trade in India?
(a) Regulating Act
(b) Pitt’s India Act
(c) Charter Act of 1813
(d) None of the above
Answer: c

150) Who is regarded as the Pioneer of Irrigation works in South India?
(a) Sir Arthur Cotton
(b) Col.Baird Smith
(c) Lt. Blaine
(d) Col. Robert Smith
Answer: a

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