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APPSC Group 1 Answer Key 2017: Solved Paper

APPSC Group 1 Answer Key 7th May 2017

APPSC Group 1 Answer Key 2017 Download

APPSC Group 1 Screening Test Answer Key 2017

51. When the following shape is folded into a cube, what is the expected cube?

Answer: 3
52. Find the missing number in the diagram given below

(1) 4
(2) 3
(3) 2
(4) 1

53. Find the next number in the sequence 1, 2, 6, 12, 36, 72,?
(1) 108
(2) 144
(3) 156
(4) 216

54. If ‘Sedative’ is to ‘pain’, ‘Solace’ is to
(1) Kill
(2) Grief
(3) Hurt
(4) Irritation

Read the following sentences and answer the questions (55-58):
The following diagram shows the growth of height in centimetres of bean plants with application of fertilizer after a month. Observe the diagram and answer the question

55. Could it be safely concluded that for the growth of the bean plant, application of fertiliser is always beneficial?
(1) Yes
(2) No
(2) Moy he
(4) Data is insufficient

56. What is the percentage of increase in growth of the bean plant with the application of bio-fertilizer compared to the plant with no fertiliser application?
(1) 25%
(2) 50%
(2) 60%
(4) 75%  

57. Could the growth of the bean plant be a highest if Urea and Superphosphate are applied together?
(I) Yes
(2) No
(3) Maybe
(4) Data is insufficient

58. Could a conclusion be safely drawn that certain types of fertilisers may not be suitable for bean plants?
(1) Yes
(2) No
(3) Maybe
(4) Data is insufficient

59. Which of the following was mostly used to facilitate long distance communication by the inhabitants of Harappan Civilisation ?
(1) Writing on palm leaves
(2) Stone and rock tablets
(3) Pigeons and parrots
(4) Seals and sealings

60. The earliest inscriptions found in India were written in
(1) Sanskrit in Brahmi script
(2) Prakrit in Brahmi script
(3) Tamil in Kharosthi script
(4) Pali in Kharosthi script

61. Match the following travellers with their countries of origin:
A. Al-Biruni                       I. Afghanistan
B. Ibn Rattuta                    II. Turkey
C. Mahrmid Wall Balkhi  III. Morocco
D. Seydi AM Reis               IV. Uzbekistan
      A  B  C  D
(1) IV Ill I II

62. Which system of transport was often used by the Delhi Sultanate to transport fruits of Khorasan to India?
(1) Foot – post system
(2) Horse – post system
(3) Camel caravan
(4) Transport by pilgrims

63. Which of the following Sufi saints was known as Garib Nawaz?
(1) Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya
(2) Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti
(3) Royal Nasiruddin
(4) Khwaja Qutbuddin Hakhtiyar Kaki

64. What was the practice adopted by the Vijayanagar Kings to protect the inhabitants within a fortified area from starvation due to sieges by enemy armies?
(1) large granaries were built within the fortified area to store grains
(2) Secret pathways were maintained to transport groceries into fortified areas
(3) Large agricultural tracts were incorporated within the fortified area
(4) The forts were built on hills to prevent siege by the enemy

65. Arrange the names of the following freedom fighters in ascending order of the period of the rebellion by them:
I. Vasudev Balwant Phadke
II. Khudiram Bose
III. Alluri Sitarama Raju
IV. Kanhu Murmu
(1) 1, II, III, IV
(2) III, IV, I, II
(3) II, IV, III, I
(4) IV, I, 111, 11

66. Having failed to control the Paharias: the British invited the following to cultivate the land in the Rajmahal Hills:
(1) Santhals
(2) Zamindars
(3) British planters
(4) Kols

67. Which of the following is one of the reasons for Mahatma Gandhi to use salt as a symbol of protest?
(1) Salt was easy to make
(2) Dandi seashore which was full of salt was nearer to his Ashram
(3) Salt was not given due importance by the British
(4) The government was depriving Indians of even nature made salt by wanton destruction of salt

68. What is the title of the book published in l958 containing the edited collection of letters written to and by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru?
(1) Critical thoughts and reflections
(2) A bunch of old letters
(3) I and Mahatma A collection of letters
(4) In the eyes of the World

69. Which of the following is one of the salient features of the Lucknow Pact 1916?
(1) The Congress and Muslim League would share power in Legislative Councils
(2) The Congress accepted the system of separate electorates based on religion
(3) The Congress and Muslim League would fight for complete independence
(4) A working committee was established by the Congress to run day to day affairs

70. Which of the following evidence support the Big Bang Theory on the origin of the Universe?
(1) Expansion of the Universe
(2) Rotation of planets
(3) Explosion of stars even today
(4) Maintenance of steady state by the Universe

71. Which of the following is a direct source o information about the interior of the Earth?
(1) Study of seismic activity
(2) Gravity anomaly
(3) Surface rock from mining areas
(4) Magnetic surveys

72. Till moraine and boulder clay are depositional landforms due to
(1) surface water activity
(2) underground water activity
(3) aerial activity
(4) glacial activity
73. Out of the below, identify the process which is not part of the hydrological cycle.
(1) Evaporation
(2) Precipitation
(3) Hydration
(4) Condensation

74. Which is the largest tributary of the Godavari in terms of coverage of drainage area?
(1) Sabari
(2) Pranhita
(3) Indravati
(4) Manjira

75. As per reliable estimates, which of the following locations in India has the largest shale gas reserves compared to others?
(1) Cambay Basin
(2) Krishna-Godavari Basin
(3) Cauvery Basin
(4) Ganga-Brahmaputra Basin

76. Under the Hydrocarbon Exploration licensing Policy (HELP), the revenue to the Government of India accrues through
(1) lease rent
(2) biddable revenue sharing contract
(3) the production sharing contract
(4) fixed percentage of price realised

77. In which of the following places of Andhra Pradesh are Karst topography featurseen?n ?
(1) Bojjonnakonda Caves
(2) Undavalli Caves
(3) Belum Caves
(4) Erravaram Caves

78. Which of the following could be the most important factor in decline of slate industry in Markapur?
(1) Non-availability of slate in the mines
(2) Non-availability of labour far quarrying
(3) Government policies restricting mining
(4) Change in user preferences

79. In which part of Andhra Pradesh are a major portion of Uranium reserves located?
(1) Kadapa Basin
(2) Relieve Basin
(3) Krishna Basin
(4) Gooty Basin

80. Which of the following is not a criterion for acquiring citizenship of India subject to other conditions?
(1) Naturalization
(2) Birth
(3) Registration
(4) Ethnic Identity

81. The Constituent Assembly was composed roughly on the lines suggested by
(1) Mountbatten
(2) Cripps Mission
(3) Cabinet Mission
(4) India Independence Act

82. Which of the following may be a violation of fundamental rights?
(1) Banning of a book
(2) Not paying minimum wages
(3) Prohibition of secessionist activities
(4) Not allowing loudspeakers in a religious procession

83. In which election in India was ITYPAT used for the first time on the experimental basis?
(1) By poll in Nagaland, 2013
(2) Lok Sabha Elections, 2014
(3) Assembly Elections Goa, 2017
(4) By poll in Madhya Pradesh, 2017

84. Which of the following is a ‘pocket veto’ power in the Indian context?
(1) Speaker of Lok Sabha not allowing presentation of a bill
(2) President keeping a bill pending with him, without any time limit and without approving
(3) Prime Minister removing minister from his Cabinet without any reason
(4) Rajya Sabha vetoing the provisions of a bill approved by Lok Sabha

85. The mission of the Government of India for electronic delivery of all Government services is known as
(1) elliz
(2) e-Cloud
(3) e-Kranti
(4) e-Jagati

86) The one stop e-marketplace established by the Government of India for procurement of goods and services by government organisations and PSUs is named as
(1) e-Procure
(2) e-Biz
(3) GeM
(4) GeP

87. As per the data available in the National Judicial Data Grid in April 2017, what is the approximate percentage of cases in Indian Courts pending for more than two years?
(1) 45%
(2) 55%
(3) 65%
(4) 76%

88. In which of the following issues did the Supreme Court invoke Article 112 of the Constitution to issue directions in a judgment in a case in 2016
(1) Constitutional validity of Defamation Act
(2) Regulatory mechanism for legal profession
(3) Right of disabled people to live with dignity
(4) Ban on licenses to liquor shops near State and National Highways

89. In which landmark judgment delivered in 2016, did the Supreme Court issue guidelines on drought management to the Government of India?
(1) Swaraj Abhiyan Vs Union of India
(2) PUCL Vs Union of India
(3) Common Cause Vs Union of India
(4) Mahipal Singh Rana Vs State of UP
90. Out of the following, which is not a power granted to Rajya Sabha?
(1) Authorising Parliament in the national interest to make a law on a matter in the State List
(2) Authorising State Assemblies in the national interest to make law on matters in the Union List
(3) To return a Money Bill with recommendations
(4) Authorising Parliament in the national interest to make a law for creation of an All India Service

91. Which of the following could be one of the reasons for pruning of development targets of the second five-year plan?
(1) Non-availability of foreign collaborators to set up heavy industries
(2) Deflationary situation in the economy
(3) Acute shortage of foreign exchange
(4) Failure of bureaucracy to implement developmental schemes

92) out of the options below, what was the issue of emphasis in the Sixth five-year plan put forward for 1978 — 83 by the Government of the Janata Party?
(1) Employment
(2) Industrialization
(3) Growth with stability
(4) Sectoral allocation

93) From which five year plan was the system of setting -monitorable targets for key indicators of development introduced?
(1) Eighth Plan
(2) Ninth Plan
(3) Tenth Plan
(4) Eleventh Plan

94. Which organisation is entrusted with the initiative of converting 100% government – Citizen Transactions to the digital platform
(1) National Informatics Centre
(2) Ministry of Electronics and Information technology
(3) NITI Aayog
(4) National Payment Corporation of India

95. Which of the following is not one of the subjects on which a subgroup of chief ministers is constituted by NITI Aayog as part of cooperative Federalism?
(1) Centrally sponsored schemes
(2) Skill development
(3) Swachh Bharat
(4) Digital payments

96. The debate between Bhagwati and Sen on the economic policy of India revolves on
(1) Industry versus Agriculture
(2) Economic Growth first versus Investment in Social Infrastructure first
(3) Rural versus Urban
(4) Private Investment Venus Public Investment

97) The most important reason for higher absolute increase in urban population in India compared to rural population in the decade from 2001 to 2011 could be due to
(1) migration from rural to urban areas
(2) higher death rate in rural areas due to lesser access to medical facilities
(3) better methods of birth control in rural areas
(4) categorization of erstwhile rural areas as urban areas

98. As per census 2011, between 2001 and 2011
(1) farmers increased and farm labourers decreased
(2) farmers increased and farm labourers increased
(3) farmers decreased and farm labourers decreased
(4) farmers decreased and farm labourers

99. As per the statistics of the National Records Bureau (ADSI 2015), the biggest reason for suicide of farmers in India is
(1) family and social problems
(2) bankruptcy or indebtedness
(3) farming related issues
(4) illness, drug abuse and alcohol addiction

100. Which of the following is not a component of Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY)?
(1) Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme (MBP)
(2) Har Khet ko Pani (HMG’)
(3) Per Drop, More Crop
(4) National Water Grid

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