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APPSC Group 1 Prelims Answer Key Paper 1 2017

APPSC GROUP 1 Solved Paper 2017

APPSC Group 1 Key pdf 2017

APPSC Group 1 Screening Test Answer Key 2017

1. Which number does one have to call in Andhra Pradesh to utilise the services of Talli Bidda Express?
(1) 108
(2) 106
(3) 104
(4) 102

2. What is the objective of the “Badikosta” scheme started by the Government of Andhra Pradesh?
(1) To minimise dropout rate of girl students from high school.
(2) To promote bicycle as a mode environmentally-friendly transport  for students
(3) To provide bicycles at low cost to girl students
(4) To provide incentive to teachers for getting girl students enrolled in school

3. As per the expectations of ISRO, which rocket would be a “Game Changer”  in operations of ISRO?
(1) GSLV-Mk-II-D2
(2) GSLV-Mk-III-D1
(3) GSLV-Mk-IV-D1
(4) GSLV-Mk-III-D2

4) National Science Day is celebrated in India on 28th February to mark the
(1) Discovery of life in plants by J.C Bose
(2) Launch of the Aryabhatta satellite
(3) Commissioning for the first nuclear reactor “Apsara”.
(4) Discovery of “Raman Effect” by C.V Raman.

5. Out of Options below, which types of activities are taken up under the Neeru Programme by Government of AP?
(1) Tree plantation in government buildings
(2) Desiltation of minor irrigation tanks and channels
(3) Development of parks and community groves
(4) Vana Mahotsav

6) After the reorganisation of Andhra Pradesh, which of the following organisations is established to act as a catalyst to facilitate economic growth and investment in Andhra Pradesh?
(1) AP Economic Development Board
(2) AP Invest
(3) AP First
(4) AP Infrastructure Corporation

7) What is the target ratio set by SDG for the reduction in poverty level by 2030?
(1) Poverty ratio to be below 10%
(2) Poverty ratio to be below 5%
(3) Poverty ratio to be below 12%
(4) There should be no poverty in any form

8) Who discovered the TB Bacillus?
(1) Edward Jenner
(2) Robert Koch
(3) Louise Pasteur
(4) Ronald Ross

9 Match the following:
A. Malaria                     P. Bone Morrow
B. Filaria                       Q. Bone Morrow
C. Encephalitis            R. Bone Morrow
D. Leukaemia              S. Bone Morrow
(1) AR, BS, CQ, DP
(2) AS, BP, CR, DQ
(3) AQ, BS, CR, DP
(4) AQ, BR, CS, DP
10. Which of the following crops is generally cultivated by transplanting seedlings?
(1) Maize
(2) Carrot
(3) Onion
(4) Soybean

11. Which of the following is associated with Diabetes Mellitus?
(1) High sugar level and high insulin level in blood
(2) High sugar level and low insulin level in blood
(3) low sugar level and high insulin level in blood
(4) low sugar level and low insulin level in blood

12. A diode is used for
(1) Changing positive charge to negative
(2) Electrolysis
(3) Converting AC into DC
(4) Generating electricity

13. Which of the following is used as a trigger in nuclear bomb
(1) Krytron
(2) Mosfet
(3) Solid state relay
(4) Solenoid

14. Which of the following enzyme found in tears destroys bacteria?
(1) Amylase
(2) Urease
(3) Lysosome
(4) Glycerine

15. In eye donation, which part of the eye of the donor is utilised?
(1) Iris
(2) Lens
(3) Retina
(4) Cornea

16. Washing soap produces a scum with hard water and not much foam because the hard water contains
(1) Dissolved inorganic salts
(2) Chalk and sulphur
(3) Organic matter
(4) Suspended particles

Read the following sentences and answer the questions (17-20) below:
A team of five members is to be formed from five boys Pradip, Quddus, Rajesh, Samir and Tony and four girls Anusha, Bhagya, Chinmayi and Durga. The conditions are as follows: Pradip and Samir have to be together. Quddus cannot remain with Bhagya or Chinmayi. Rajesh and Anusha have to be together. Tony cannot remain with Anusha or Durga.
Answer the following question:

17. If Quddus is one of the members, who are the other members of the team?
(1) Anusha, Pradip, Rajesh, Samir
(2) Anusha, Durga, Rajesh, Samir
(3) Bhagya, Chinmayi, Pradip, Tony
(4) Anusha, Durga, Rajesh, Tony

18. If three members of the team are girls, then the team would be
(1) Anusha, Bhagya, Chinmayi, Rajesh, Tony
(2) Anusha, Chinmayi, Durga, Rajesh, Samir
(3) Bhagya, Chinmayi, Durga, Pradip, Samir
(4) Anusha, Bhagya, Chinmayi, Durga, Rajesh

19. If Anusha is one member of the team and all others are boys, then the four boys would be
(1) Quddus, Rajesh, Samir, Tony
(2) Pradip, Quddus, Rajesh, Samir
(3) Pradip, Rajesh, Samir, Tony
(4) Pradip, Quddus, Samir, Tony

20 If two member of the team are girls, then which of the following teams is not possible?
(1) Bhagya, Chinmayi, Pradip, Samir, Tony
(2) Anusha, Chinmayi, Pradip, Rajesh, Samir
(3) Anusha, Bhagya, Pradip, Rajesh, Samir
(4) Chinmayi, Durga, Pradip, Rajesh, Samir

21. Which of the following item is recently registered as a geographical indication from Andhra Pradesh?
(1) Bangenapalli Mango
(2) Bandaru Laddu
(3) Tapeshwarm Kaja
(4) Udayagiri Wooden Cutlery

22. Out of the following, which parameter is given higher ranking weight by the National Institute Ranking Framework of MHRD for awarding overall rank to educational institutions?
(1) Graduation outcomes
(2) Perception
(3) Research and professional practice
(4) Outreach and industry

23. The recent order of the Union Home Ministry on sharing of assets of APSCHE specifies that
(1) Assets and liabilities are to shared in 52:48 ratio
(2) Assets belong to the State of their location but cash deposits/ balances to be shared in equal ratio
(3) Assets belong to the state of their location but deposits /balances to be shared in equal ratio
(4) All assets belong to the state of Telangana

24. Who is the other Indian apart from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to find a place in the TIME 2017 list of 100 most influential people in the world?
(1) Vijay Shekhar Sharma
(2)  Mukesh Ambani
(3) Sania Mirza
(4) Sunita Narain

25. As per World Happiness Report, 2017 of UNO, what is the rank of Indian in the Global Happiness Ranking?
(1) 120
(2) 121
(3) 122
(4) 123
26. What is the name of the Freight train that made is the first journey from China to London in January 2017?
(1) The Silk Train
(2) The Western
(3) The China Wind
(4) The East India

27. Which astronaut holds the record for most spacewalks by a woman in space?
(1) Peggy Whitson
(2) Sunita Williams
(3) Svetlana Savitskaya
(4) Sally Ride

28. The Golden Jubilee year of which important rice variety, that saved many regions from famine was celebrated in November 2016?
(1) IR 2
(2) IR 8
(3) IR 18
(4) IR 81

29. Which of the following was included in 2016by UNESCO in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity?
(1) Sankirtana
(2) Tradition of Vedic Chanting
(3) Ramlila
(4) Yoga

30. The Book “ The Inner Fire” written by Justice Rohinton F. Nariman is on
(1) Religious Wars
(2) Islam
(3) Zoroastrianism
(4) Radical humanism

31. Which personality was awarded the “ Centenary Award for Indian Film Personality of the Year” at the IFFI in 2016
(1) S. P. Balasubramaniam
(2) A.R. Rahman
(3) IIayaraja
(4) Yash Chopra

32. What is the name of the medium altitude long endurance UAV flown by DRDO in November 2016?
(1) NETRA 201
(2) TAPAS 201
(3) NISHANT 201
(4) AURA 201

33. Which of the following doctor got the Dhanvantri Award in March 2017?
(1) Dr. S. Bhattacharya
(2) Dr. S.K. Sarin
(3) Dr. D. Nageshwar Reddy
(4) Dr. B. K. Goyal

34. Which of the following sports personalities was recently appointed to the Board of Sports Authority of India?
(1) Pullela Gopichand
(2) Karnam Malleaswari
(3) Mukesh Kumar
(4) Gutta Jwala

35. Which Harvard dropout got an honorary degree from Harvard University in March 2017?
(1) Bill Gates
(2) Mark Zuckerberg
(3) Larry Ellison
(4) James Murdoch

36. As per the 2016 report on Global Trafficking in persons published by UN office on Drugs and Crime, Victims and Traffickers often have
(1) The same ethnic background
(2) Different ethnic backgrounds
(3) Same or different background
(4) Backgrounds which cannot be identified

37. Which Indian shooter won a gold medal at the  ISSF World Cup Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun held in New Delhi?
(1) Amanpreet Singh
(2) Ankur Mittal
(3) Jitu Rai
(4) Pooja Ghatkar

38. As per the 4thNational Family Health Survey, how many females are there in the state of Andhra Pradesh per 1000 Males?
(1) 1050
(2) 1020
(3) 980
(4) 970

39. For which of the following reasons was the FCRA licence of Public Health Federation of India recently cancelled by the Government of India?
(1) Misutilization of Government  grants
(2) Money laundering activities
(3) Taking bribes from hospitals
(4) Lobbying with parliamentarians

40. What is the percentage of votes polled in the recent By-elections to the Srinagar Lok Sabha Constituency?
(1) 6.50%
(2) 6.95%
(3) 7.05%
(4) 7.14%

41. Who was responsible for the gaffe in announcing the name of the Best Film at the 2017 Oscar Awards Ceremony?
(1) The presenters
(2) The accountancy firm
(3) The Motion Film Academy
(4) The law firm

42. “Every Indian is special. Every Indian is a VIP.” On which occasion did Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweet these words?
(1) On International Yoga day
(2) On launching the BHIM App
(3) During the UP election campaign
(4) On abolition of red beacons on vehicles of dignitaries

43. Which of the following politicians completed 50 years as Legislator in March 2017?
(1) K.M. Mani
(2) Rishang Keishing
(3) H.A. Halim
(4) Ganapatrao Deshmukh

44. Upon reorganisation of the State, Andhra Pradesh had a higher public debt than Telangana because
(1) Andhra Pradesh is bigger than Telangana in area
(2) Andhra Pradesh had more assets and hence more debt
(3) Population ratio was the sole factor for distribution of debt
(4) Union Government decided that Andhra Pradesh has to bear more debt

45. What is the amount of special assistance provided by the Central Government to Andhra Pradesh in 2016 — 17?
(1) Rs 4,058.04 Cr
(2) Rs 1,976.50 Cr
(3) Rs 1,176.50 Cr
(4) Rs 2,081.54 Cr

46. As per Andhra Pradesh retail trade policy 2015 — 20, how many additional employment opportunities would be created in the retail sector by 2020?
(1) 5000
(2) 10000
(3) 15000
(4) 20000

47. What was the percentage of debt outstanding to GSDP of Andhra Pradesh in 2014 —15 after the reorganization of the State of Andhra Pradesh?
(1) 28.19
(2) 28.91
(3) 29.36
(4) 29.63

48. Determine the mean, median and modal values for the set : 3, 8, 10, 7, 5, 14, 2, 9, 8.
(1) 7.33, 5, 8
(2) 7.35, 8, 8
(3) 7.35, 7, 8
(4) 7.33, 8, 8

49. The following table of grouped data represents the weight (in kgs) of 100 articles: Calculate the mean weight for an article.
Class weight (in Kgs)Frequency (Number)
(1). 7.6 kg
(2) 7.7 kg
(3) 7.8 kg
(4) 7.9 kg

50. If COFFEE is 3, 15, 6, 6, 5, 5 what is MILK?
(1) 13, 9, 12, 11
(2) 13, 10, 12, 11
(3) 14, 10, 13, 12
(4) 14, 9, 12, 11

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