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List of Indian Commissions

Commissions in India and their Objectives

A government or state agency, often an appointed commission, is a permanent or semi-permanent organisation in the machinery of government that is responsible for the oversight and administration of specific functions, such as an intelligence agency.

Commissions are constituted by the Government of India either in ad hoc or permanent basis, to guide, advice or provide solutions to various issues coming under the concerned ministry.Following is the list of important permanent commissions set up by government (or constitutionally) in India
Commissions in India

Atomic Energy Commission of India
3 August 1948
Plan and implement various measures on sound technical and economic principles and free from all non-essential restrictions or needlessly elastic rules in the field of atomic energy
Department of Atomic Energy
Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices
Stabilize agricultural prices.
Meaningful real income levels to farmers
Essential agricultural commodities at reasonable prices
Ministry of Agriculture (India)
National Commission for Backward Classes
14 August 1993
Consider inclusions in and exclusions from the lists of castes notified as backwards for the purpose of job reservations
Advice to the Central Government on such matters
Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
National Commission on Cattle
Suggest ways of improving the condition of cattle
Ministry of Agriculture (India)
Competition Commission of India
14 October 2003
Enforce The Competition Act, 2002 throughout India
Prevent activities that have an adverse effect on competition in India.
National Statistical Commission
1 June 2005
Reduce the problems faced by statistical agencies in the country in relation to the collection of data.
Special emphasis on ensuring collection of unbiased data so as to restore public trust in the figures released by the Government.
Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
Telecom Commission
responsible for policy formulation, licensing, wireless spectrum management, administrative monitoring of PSUs, research and development and standardisation/validation of equipment etc.
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
Election Commission
25 January 1950
Chief Labour Commissioner
Prevention and settlement of industrial disputes through conciliation/mediation.
Enforcement of Labour Laws and Rules made there under in Central Sphere.
Quasi-Judicial functions.
Verification of Trade Union membership etc.
Planning Commission
Formulates India's Five-Year Plans, among other functions
Law Commission
Reforming the Law For Maximising Justice in Society and Promoting Good Governance under the Rule of Law
Ministry of Law & Justice
Finance Commission
22 November 1951
The Finance Commission came into existence in 1951. It was established under Article 280 of the Indian Constitution by the President of India. It was formed to define the financial relations between the Centre and the state.
Autonomous Constitutional Body
Human Rights Commission
12 October 1993
The Rights Commission (NHRC) of India is an autonomous public body constituted on 12 October 1993 under the Protection of Human Rights Ordinance of 28 September 1993.It was given a statutory basis by the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 (TPHRA). The NHRC is the National Human Rights Commission of India, responsible for the protection and promotion of human rights, defined by the Act as "rights relating to life, liberty, equality and dignity of the individual guaranteed by the Constitution or embodied in the International Covenants".
Autonomous Constitutional Body
University Grants Commission
28 December 1953
Coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of university education.
It provides recognition to universities in India and disburses funds to such universities and college.
Ministry of Human Resource Development
Vigilance Commission (CVC)
February 1964
To address governmental corruption
Knowledge recognised
13 June 2005
National Commission for Women
* protecting and promoting the interests of women in India
Scheduled Tribes Commission
19 February 2004
* protection, welfare and development & advancement of the Scheduled Tribes
Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganized Sector
The National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS) is a national body commissioned by the Indian government to address the issues faced by enterprises in relation to the unorganised sector
Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
Census Commission
Ministry of Home Affairs
Central Forestry Commission
Central Water Commission
Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
Electronics Commission
An Electronic Commission have been set up by- Indian government as a result of which, role played by electronic development in the fields of research, industry and technology has been given due recognition and consideration. Another important step in this direction is establishment of Department of Electronics by Indian government which is charged with responsibility of promoting the electronics industries in the nation and also to encourage people to participate in research works.
Commission for Additional Sources of Energy
21 March 1981
Rashtriya Barh Ayog (National Flood Commission)
Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
Indo-Bangladesh Joint Rivers Commission
The Joint River Commission was a bilateral working group established by India and Bangladesh in the Indo-Bangla Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Peace that was signed on March 19, 1972 and came into being in November 1972. As per the treaty, the two nations established the commission to work for the common interests and sharing of water resources, irrigation, floods and cyclones control. The studies and reports of the Commission contributed directly to the efforts of both nations to resolve the dispute over the Sharing of Ganges Waters, facilitating bilateral agreements in 1975, 1978 and finally in 1996.
Khadi and Village Industries Commission
The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is a statutory body formed by the Government of India, under the Act of Parliament, 'Khadi and Village Industries Commission Act of 1956'. It is an apex organisation under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, with regard to khadi and village industries within India, which seeks to - "plan, promote, facilitate, organise and assist in the establishment and development of khadi and village industries in the rural areas in coordination with other agencies engaged in rural development wherever necessary."
Space Commission
Staff Selection Commission
1 July 1976
Staff Selection Commission (SSC) (Hindi: कर्मचारी चयन आयोग) is an organisation under Government of India to recruit staff for various posts in the various Ministries and Departments of the Government of India and in Subordinate Offices.
Department of Personnel and Training
National judicial appointments commission
Transferring of judges to higher judiciary

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