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DSSSB Primary Teacher Answer Key 2017 Download

DSSSB PRT Teacher Test

DSSSB PRT {Primary Teacher} 29th Oct Answer Key 2017 Question Paper With Solutions

11.   Which oxides are mainly associated with photochemical smog
(a)  Sulphur Oxide
(b) Carbon Mono oxide
(c)  Nitrogen Oxide
(d) Silicon Oxide
Answer: Sulphur Oxide

12. Which organ is associated with biological rhythm in  mammals
(a)  Pineal
(b) Pituitary
(c)  Thyroid
(d) Thymus
Answer: Pineal

13.  The Malabar naval exercise involves India, USA and

(a)  France
(b) UK
(c)  Australia
(d) Japan

14. The Term of Vice President of India is

(a)  4
(b) 5
(c)  6
(d) 2
Answer: 5

15.  A famous exponent of Shahnai

(a)  Amjad Ali kHan
(b) Bismillah Khan
(c)  Allah Rakha Khan
(d) Javed Khan
Answer: Bismillah Khan

16. On 17th September 2017 P.V. Sindhu beat a player from which country to win the BWF Korean Open Super Series

(a)  Japan
(b) China
(c)  Korea
(d) UK
Answer: China
17.  Power of issuing a writ of Habeas corpus lies with
(a)  Supreme Court
(b) High Court
(c)  District and Session Court
(d) Both A and B
Answer: Both A and B

18. Mohiniyattam is a dance form from the state of
(a)  Karnataka
(b) Kerala
(c)  Andhra Pradesh
(d) Tamil Nadu
Answer: Kerala

19. In Microsoft word Ctrl+z is command for
(a)  Opening new document
(b) opening existing document
(c)  formatting a document
(d) Undo
Answer: Undo
20. Interest rate on saving accounts are decided by
(a)  Reserve Bank of India
(b) Union Cabinet
(c)  Finance Ministry
(d) Individual Bank

Answer: Individual Bank

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